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Rutgers' Highlights from the Howard Blowout

Relive Some of the Best Plays of the Domination!

Janarion Grant scoring one of his three touchdowns of the day
Janarion Grant scoring one of his three touchdowns of the day
Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Rutgers started off slow, but it is fair to say that they recovered quite nicely. Janarion Grant did amazing and dazzling and ankle-busting things and Laviano even looked competent after a very rough first half. You can read my recap on the game here. You can also view a live game thread with fan comments and highlights here.

Janarion Grant got his first touchdown of the day when we needed it most. Just gone down 14-0, he puts us on the board with a typical Janarion kickoff return.

Next, Laviano moved the team down the field despite some bad decisions and passes to tie the game with this toss to Andre Patton

As soon as the second half started, Janarion did his thing yet again. He takes the direct snap for touchdown number two on the day putting Rutgers ahead 21-14

Shortly thereafter, Laviano somehow keeps the play alive with his feet and finds the open Carlton Agudosi in the end zone to put Rutgers ahead 28-14

Then, before you knew it, it was 35 unanswered and we led 35-14 when none other than Janarion Grant gets the handoff again and somehow keeps his balance, breaks a few ankles, and gets the hat trick; his third touchdown of the day.

It is backup Quarterback time. Giovanni Rescigno shows his man-beast skills as he breaks a bunch of tackles for the beautiful 42 yard score putting Rutgers ahead 49-14

That is all we have for highlights for this week. I will be sure to post all of the highlights I can for you guys for each game. These clips should give us enough glory for the week until we receive more glory next Saturday against New Mexico.