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Gameday Thread: Howard at Rutgers

Ru Rah Rah. Lets Go Knights, Beat the Bison

Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

Finally the day has come where I can rinse the taste of disappointment out of my mouth with some good low-level competition. It is finally the Home Opener of the #AshEra and we should be able to feast on this opponent.  It really is a beautiful day for some football

The early morning risers seemed to be ready to go this morning to welcome in a new era to Rutgers football.

You can see how to watch here.

I am very happy to see that Coach Ash has kept the tradition of the Scarlet Walk intact. Here is his first one as a Scarlet Knight

Feel free to join in on the conversation in the comments section.

Talk to you soon looking forward to kickoff!

I love the 250 under the 'R' in the middle of the field #pride #birthplace

Rutgers wins the coin toss and defers to the second half; Howard gets the ball to start the game

1st Quarter

Howard gets a first down on their first drive. I hope this defense calms down and stops this drive

A forced timeout on defense fires Coach Ash up. This defense is not off to a good start...

Poor open field tackling allows a 2&19 to be a 3&8 and then a first down. Howard ball on Rutgers' 38

Another 3&10 and Howard's Kalen Johnson just puts the ball over the top of our defense for the touchdown pass to Robert Mercer. PAT is good. How are we losing 7-0 to Howard. This offense needs to step up right here right now. Our defense is pitiful

7-0 Howard 10:51 left in the quarter

Chris Laviano's first play is tipped in the air and intercepted deep in Rutgers territory. I can't watch this actually happen

Why does Rutgers not know how to tackle in the open field today...

Kalen Johnson with the Quarterback keeper on third down (AGAIN!!!) and gets the touchdown for Howard

PAT good 14-0 Howard


14-7 Howard

A few penalties on Howard on offense including a delay of game on third down is making me feel better I think. Momentum shift? A near safety and a pass breakup shows this defense may have some life...

Isaiah Wharton goes up for the deep ball and gets the interception, Rutgers has the ball! Note this was not Kalen Johnson for Howard, they are using a two QB system

But, of course, a three and out for Rutgers. On a plus side, Robert Martin finally got a touch this season.

It is super clear Rutgers needs to do tackling drills this week. But Pinnix-Odrick got a good sack for the defense

Rutgers forces another punt with a little more than 2:00 left in the quarter

Howard knows how to tackle apparently as they got Robert Martin before the sticks. Another Three and Out for Rutgers...

Howard calls a timeout on the return team due to having 12 men on the field. They only have one left for the half

The ball sips out of the Howard returner's hands and Rutgers had the chance to recover inside the Howard five, but they end up kicking the ball out of bounds. Howard's ball inside their own five. Lets create some rush in the middle.

Kalen Johnson enters the game and the first quarter comes to a end. Thank goodness it did because that was one crazy quarter of Rutgers Football.

14-7 Howard

2nd Quarter

Rutgers is terrible on Third Down. a 47 yard run for Howard gives Howard the momentum again

An overload blitz, though, on 3&20 forces Howard to throw the ball away giving Rutgers the ball back. Crisis averted.

Janarion Grant gets our first first down of the half by doing his thing. And Laviano screws up an easy first down pass over the middle. He threw off of his back foot and bounced it in there. So bad.

Laviano throw to Flanagan is barely good for the first down. And Laviano is actually moving the ball. Bad throws and good catches, but at least the sticks are moving

Andre Patton turns his head before the catch that would have been another first down. Luckily Robert Martin is a beast and pushed himself past the sticks on fourth down.

Then a beautiful pass from Laviano to Patton for the RUTGERS TOUCHDOWN!!

14-14 tie 9:49 left in the half

Rutgers continues to struggle on third down defense. Howard is now 6/9 on third down...

Make that 6/10. Good defense that time by Rutgers forcing this punt with Howard in their own territory

Rutgers gets a lot of rush and Howard's punter shanks the kick and Howard down the ball still in their own territory giving Rutgers a great opportunity to score. Hopefully Laviano can throw the ball properly this drive

Laviano airs it out on the first play and overthrew his target by 5-10 yards. Good arm terrible touch

Laviano runs for 12 yards on third down for the first. He even slid to protect himself which some here in the comments probably wish he did not do.

Right after Laviano is terrible on the throw to Grant...

Now Grant gets the ball knocked out of his grasp as he enters the Redzone as Howard prevents the Rutgers TD.

And to top it off, Laviano runs backwards and gets sacked out of Field Goal range on third down. 14 yard loss

Luckily Michael Cintron is good at kicking things and Rutgers downs the ball at the three yard line pinning Howard back yet again.

Rutgers lets up yet another third down conversion as Howard was running around the end zone. Not only that but there is now only 2:00 left in the half and the score is still tied

Not really sure why Howard even considers taking Kalen Johnson out of this game. Rutgers cannot stop him. He keeps it for a 14 yard run and a first down

152-45 rushing yards in favor of Howard. Really?

With 1:03 in the half, Rutgers gets the ball back. Hopefully we have a one-minute offense that's functional. We only have one timeout remaining.

Harris makes a 17 yard reception for the first and good progress. Laviano throws an incomplete pass to Patton. Not the best play call there.

It is fourth down with 25 seconds to go as Laviano was forced to throw the ball away on third.

Grant gets the ball and runs for 18 yards to the 26. Laviano spikes the ball with 16 seconds left.

Laviano tries Patton in the End Zone again, incomplete. 5 seconds left. Fourth Down

Rutgers is going to attempt a 41-yard field goal. Howard ices David Bonagura and the kick was of course good. Lets see if it is another Ga-NO situation here.

Of course it is. Pulls it wide-left no good.

14-14 at the half

3rd Quarter

Rutgers did defer the kickoff and will receive the ball to start the second half.

Grant returns the ball out to the 32 yard line. Lets go Laviano. Do better than 8:50 time of possession this half please.

JANARION GRANT! The direct snap, the reversal and the sacrifice by Laviano on the block make this big touchdown happen.


21-14 Rutgers 14:05 left in the third. Bring on the RU chants!

Laviano scrambles to the left and finds the open receiver Carlton Agudosi for the RUTGERS TOUCHDOWN!

28-14 Rutgers 9:47 left in the third quarter


He gets the handoff and somehow keeps his balance and reaches the end zone for the RUTGERS TOUCHDOWN!

This team is finally alive.

35-14 Rutgers 6:43 left in the third

That is 35 unanswered points for the Scarlet Knights

Rutgers forces another fourth down on Howard. This time with 2:24 left in the quarter. Rutgers defense looks solidified and tough again. Rutgers gets the ball on their own 25 after the punt

Scary moment with 51 seconds left in the quarter when Marquese Blanchard had to be helped off the field on a stretcher. Members from both teams were taking knees as he was being attended too.

As the third quarter comes to a close, Rutgers gets a first down and they are moving yet again

4th Quarter

Jawuan Harris, an All Big Ten Baseball player, gets his second ever reception and also his first RUTGERS TOUCHDOWN!

Laviano and the offense is rolling right now with 42 unanswered points

42-14 Rutgers 14:53 left to play

HOLY CRAP WHAT A RUN! a 42-yard RUTGERS TOUCHDOWN by Giovanni Rescigno. 49 unanswered points; unbelievable! I can't even keep up.

49-14 Rutgers 12:05 left to play

Tylin Oden enters the game with 10 minutes to play. I like how ash is getting the backups some work to keep them fresh in case Laviano plays like he did in the first half every week

Oden gets a great run for the Rutgers first down!

This kid can move and he seems to have great composure so far. I love how he is getting in this work. On top of it, he keeps moving the sticks!

Trey Sneed also has some skill as he moves the pile a good five yards. I love the effort from the young kids!

Oden gets the designed run play on third down in the red zone and gets tackled behind the line. Bonagura hits the field goal, though to eclipse the coveted 50 point mark. I did not expect this based on the start of this game.

52-14 Rutgers

Rutgers defense completely stuffs Howard on the last drive to run down the clock. Rutgers does get the ball back with 50 seconds left. It is fair to say that Rutgers has won this game 52-14

Rutgers takes knees to officially end the game.

Thank you for joining me today guys, I love all the comments throughout the game.