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30 Reasons for 30 Days: Day 26 - Because Scarlet Works with Everything!

Nebraska v Rutgers Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

From now through September 3rd, I am posting a daily reason why it is great to be a fan of Rutgers football. There are a lot more than thirty, but I picked my thirty reasons, and hope you like them. If not, be sure to let me know.

Take a look around you the next time you’re at a game, or watching a game from home. Scarlet everywhere.

Cincinnati v Rutgers Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Shirts, check (well, kinda).

OK, shirts, check.

Hats, check.

Flags, check.

Shoes, check.

Tailgating gear, check.

Signage everywhere, check.

National Landmarks, check.

Legendary Rutgers figures like Mr. Magoo, check.

And it looks AWESOME!!!

That’s right folks, the Scarlet Knights, in their scarlet color, look amazing. It is like everyone, team, fans, band, staff, are all part of a army, and they all have one goal- seeing Rutgers sports succeed.

Rutgers Scarlet everywhere you can see. You get in the stadium, and it is overwhelming.

Full Scarlet

So, it is very clear. Scarlet works with everything, it is our common theme, and it is yet another reason why it is great to be a Rutgers fan.

So, wear your scarlet gear and, as Coach Ash says, unleash your inner Knight!