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Rutgers Football Wins, by Losing Fulmer Cup

PGA: The 145th Open Championship - Final Round
(Not the real Fulmer Cup)
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Rutgers last year was the big winner of the Fulmer Cup, which they announced just as the 2015 college football season was getting under way. This was not a good thing to win, for sure.

Why was this not a good thing, you ask? Well, it is because of what the Fulmer Cup represents.

Yes, we won the award for the most criminal arrests by players on a college football team. Unfortunately, as you can see, it was not even close. Auburn, the second place team, had two offenses to the RU six offenses, and a total of 44 points to Rutgers’ 69 points.

However, this is a new year, a new regime, and a new expectation. This year, Rutgers has exactly zero points, and are nowhere to be found in the top ten offenders, thank goodness. In fact, it is good to be able to say that we have also gone from two Big Ten programs in the top ten of the Fulmer Cup to zero in the top ten. Without any further ado, here is the 2016 list, released yesterday.

This is great news, in every way. We have emerged from the worst year, with the program being called a dumpster fire on a regular basis, and are on the way toward becoming a model program not only for the Big Ten, but for college football. Thanks, Pat Hobbs and Chris Ash!

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