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This is the Healthiest Team Chris Ash has Seen

The New Nutrition Program Seems to be Quite Successful

NCAA Football: Quick Lane Bowl-Rutgers vs North Carolina
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Rutgers has implemented a strict and new found nutrition program this off-season under new head coach Chris Ash. Training Camp is a rigorous and long program that inevitably causes injuries and tweaks in every player. It is always nice when a team can get through camp with minimal injuries, especially to their star players.

In Chris Ash’s first game week press conference, he made mention that this is the healthiest team he has ever seen a football team as there are minimal injuries going on with the team currently. Their largest concern coming into camp was the recovery of star Defensive Lineman Darius Hamilton. Hamilton seems to be at 100% so far and seems that he will be the force we all know him to be.

Unfortunately, there are a few injuries that have occurred. Robert Martin fell from the lead and starting running back a few weeks ago down to the backup role due to a hamstring injury. Justin Goodwin will take over the starting role. Although Martin is injured, Ash makes it clear that he will still play through it and maybe even earn his starting role back when he is fully healthy.

Kemoko Turay is the other big player that is injured. He had surgery back in January and has yet to fully practice this summer. No one really knows what his status truly is, but here is to hoping he makes a quick recovery to bolster the defensive line.

The only other player that Ash mentions an injury to in his press conference is punter Tim Gleeson, whom, unfortunately, has had flare ups from his back surgery. He was competing for the punter job, but Ash mentioned that Michael Cintron will be the punter for the Scarlet Knights.

As of now it seems that Rutgers truly is a healthy football team that survived the brutal summer that is training camp. Ash said he pushed them to extreme limits and received no complaints and luckily little to no injuries.

Lets hope this nutrition regiment that is in place continues to do the job it is meant to do to keep these student athletes on their feet and active on the football field; it is going to be a long, tough year for this Rutgers team.