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Knight Caps: A whirlwind tour around Rutgers Athletics

We’re back with another round of this and that from the world of Rutgers


Football is getting closer.....but other sports have already begun! In no particular order, let’s cover everything Rutgers.

Once again, thank you, Jim Delany

So what do I do? Open with a football item.

Yes, we compete in arguably the toughest division in college football. But the ceiling is unlimited. And we are in the conversation - at least through membership and eventually at the bank - with OSU, Michigan, Alabama, and Florida.

On the financial side, the story is pretty blunt in saying the B1G and the SEC are way out in front:

For the foreseeable future, the Big Ten and the SEC are going to make significantly more money for their members than the ACC, Pac-12 and Big 12. Likewise, the next 10 years of college football are likely to produce more titles for those leagues — and by a significant margin — than any others.

And, yes, we are a part of that. Whew!

College Colors Day is Sept. 2....Whoo hoo!

Okay, as far as I know Avatar is a movie. Which was okay. as far as flicks go Now, they’re telling me it means something else.

Currently, I don’t have an “avatar” least I don’t think I do. But I strongly encourage you to #RockTheBlock_R on 9/2.

Speaking of the Block R

Ed Chonko, on Rutgers Athletic Tailgating Club posted the graphic showing where you can obtain the magnetic R in every county in the state. All 21. [Teachable moment: how many of you knew there were 21 counties in New Jersey? I know the Catholic school kids can recite them all in alphabetical order]

And I like my creation: #RockTheBlock_R

FlavaFraz is at it again

RU’s favorite MLB player thumped his first walkoff for the Sox.

Tennis, anyone?

Yeah, weak sub-head. I could have written, “Hey, Bob’s gonna write about an Olympic sport again, everyone.”

Ritchie has been on the staff for six years, and you can look at it in one (or maybe more) of two ways. One, it was easier for Hobbs to simply promote the assistant at this point in time because he has bigger fish to fry. Or, two, she actually is the best person for the job. While she eventually transferred, Ritchie did play in the Big Ten at Iowa. God luck, Coach Ritchie.

While we’re talking Olympic sports....

And I do....a lot.

Big Ten Women’s Volleyball is a brutally tough conference. Seven of the Top 25 in the preseason rankings are Big Ten schools, including No. 1 Nebraska. Rutgers isn’t there. To indicate how rough it’s been for RU in the Big Ten, when Aaron B and I were talking about Olympic sport coverage we both forgot volleyball. ME! The Olympic sport guy. I completely forgot Rutgers volleyball. Sadly, that’s easily done: over the last two seasons in the Big Ten, Rutgers has gone 11-54 (1-39 B1G). This isn’t good. Maybe with a new facility on the horizon, recruiting will get better and....

We’ll see.

Ash making the rounds

If you follow high school football in North Jersey, you know there’s been a lot of activity and angst over the creation of a new super conference (NJSFC) that separates the public and parochial schools. It even had a Media Day. Seriously, a high school conference held a Media Day.

And guess who spoke there? [Hint: Did you read the headline?]

Guess that explains Paramus Catholic.

Chris Carlin on the call on the Rutgers/IMG Radio Network

Which just got a little larger.

Rutgers has extended its football and men’s basketball contract with 50,000 watt WOR 710 AM in New York through the 2018-19 season. That is significant because AM transmitters don’t get any bigger than 50K. And while WOR isn’t the FAN, it is a major New York station carrying the broadcasts along with long-time broadcast partner WCTC 1450 in New Brunswick.

But wait....there’s more.

The Network added another station in southern New Jersey. WNJE 920 AM will carry the pregame and postgame shows in addition to broadcasting each Rutgers football game. The station broadcasts from Trenton with coverage into southern New Jersey and Bucks County, PA. WNJE has a mix of programming weekdays, but carries FOX Sports in the overnight period as well as early Saturday mornings.

What the hell is Snapchat?

And what is a “geofilter” and why should I care? Well, the RAC has one. And if anything includes the logo at the bottom - which I like in its clarity and clean look - I’m good with it.

And while we’re talking about the paint!

The black border did “pop”; it was dramatic. But, as the Tweet says.....

I’m good with that.

Leaving no stone unturned for your edification....

Two staff updates

Our Rutgers Moment of Zen

Money for students is good.