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Rutgers Basketball: Big Ten Schedule Released

The Big Ten has released their hoops schedule, and Rutgers is included. Because they're in the Big Ten. Duh.

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

As we wait for the Scarlet Knights to release their full schedule, the Big Ten has gone ahead and released the full conference schedule.  You can view the whole thing right here.

Tuesday Dec. 27 at Wisconsin

Sunday Jan. 1 vs. Penn State

Wednesday Jan. 4 at Michigan State

Sunday Jan. 8 at Iowa

Thursday Jan. 12 vs. Northwestern

Sunday Jan. 15 at Indiana

Saturday Jan. 21 vs. Nebraska

Tuesday Jan. 24 at Maryland

Saturday Jan. 28 vs. Wisconsin (MSG)

Tuesday Jan. 31 vs. Iowa

Saturday Feb. 4 at Penn State

Feb. 8 at Ohio State

Saturday Feb. 11 vs. Minnesota

Tuesday Feb. 14 vs. at Purdue

Saturday Feb. 18 vs. at Northwestern

Wednesday Feb. 22 vs. Michigan

Tuesday Feb. 28 vs. Maryland

Saturday March 4 vs. Illinois

March 8-12: Big Ten Tournament in Washington, D.C.

Initial Reactions:

--The Big Ten is still a really, really good basketball conference.  And Rutgers plays everyone.  The ranked teams will come to the RAC, giving the Scarlet Knights a shot at the upset, but to me the road schedule is nigh impossible.  Rutgers has never played well on the road, and this schedule is daunting.

--There are five home games Rutgers should win.  Penn State, Northwestern, Illinois, Minnesota and Nebraska all come to the RAC, and they have been at the bottom of the standings with the Scarlet Knights.  However, Rutgers won't win all of those.  Five wins, coming off a 1 win conference season and learning a new system is tough.  So, let's go with 5 being the ceiling and 3 wins being most likely. (Jeez, I originally wrote 2.  How bad was last year?)

--There's always an upset.  Always.  Except last year.

--There is depth on this team and that should help.  But will there be shooting?  If Rutgers can hit from deep that changes things.

--The New Year's Day home opener is brutal.  BRUTAL.  It's the final week of the NFL regular season, and the game will probably be early.  The odds of having a true home crowd will be nil, unless Rutgers is some how 14-0.  It's a winnable game, but a quiet RAC won't help.

UPDATE: Rutgers released their non-conference schedule soon after the Big Ten portion. Click here to view.

Six weeks until practice begins.  Can't wait.