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Rutgers Has Their Own Three-Headed Monster in the Backfield

Teams Beware of Rutgers’ Three-Headed Backfield

Rutgers v Ohio State Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

Robert Martin, Justin Goodwin, and Josh Hicks are Poised for Good Years

Rutgers is blessed this year with their deep running backs corps. In years past, injuries to Paul James and other running backs hurt the team in a significant way and it showed big time on the field and in their offensive production. This year, though, seems to be different as the Scarlet Knights have four student athletes competing for the job of starting running back.

I wrote a few weeks ago about the high hopes and expectations for Robert Martin, but, it seems, there is high hopes for the other backs as well.

Justin Goodwin, who was a phenom his Freshman year as he averaged five yards a carry on his 121 touches on offense. The next two seasons, however, Goodwin only touched the ball 116 times on offense. Now, as a Senior, Goodwin has impressed the new coaching staff and looks to get a large number of touches this year especially with the number two role on the initial depth chart.

Instead of quitting, Goodwin remained positive and worked as hard as he could to get back onto the field. I am excited to see if he can produce the same kind of numbers he put up his Freshman year to help take the load off of initial number one back Robert Martin.

Zak Kuhr, Rutgers’ Running Backs coach, has spoken highly of this group this camp claiming they are the most competitive group he has seen anywhere he has been in his career.

The other main back, Josh Hicks, had a stellar year last year and looks to build on that this year as well. Maybe he can even climb the depth chart during the season and overtake either Martin and/or Goodwin for a more prominent role in the offense.

No matter who is running the ball this year for Rutgers, I expect it to go well for us. Each of these running backs have averaged five yards a carry at least once in their careers, so the potential is clearly there.

Teams in the Big Ten and all of our other opponents better beware of the three headed monster that Rutgers is bringing to the table in the backfield.