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Charting Rutgers Recruiting: where we stand

It’s almost here. The Huskies of U-Dub are just 11 days away. Sooooo......?


We’ve been tracking Rutgers’ recruiting rankings over the last several months. This will be our last one til January. Our Scott Logan will continue to cover any commitments along with tracking what the recruits are saying and doing. Obviously the need for these rankings could be dictated by activity on the recruiting trail, but we're entering a relatively slow period so we can't imagine seeing the needle shift significantly in the rankings. As we approach NSD we’ll do it often. And if we have a big recruit or two commit before then we might run with a rankings update to see any difference they make. In the mean time.....

When last we convened this meeting of the “What Have the Recruits Done Lately?” club, Rutgers was in pretty good company among the national powers. Since July and our last post, we had one commit.

Darius Stills

Wait.....what happened? Oh. Never mind

The biggest point to bring out right now as we look at the rankings: no new commitments. We had said that, in large measure, Rutgers was rising in the rankings because of quantity over quality. And it is showing now. Rutgers dropped five spots in the Rivals ranking and seven in both 247Sports and Scout. At the same time, both Maryland and Penn State upped their standings in both Scout and Rivals.

Gerry DiNardo on BTN

As we’ve commented, DiNardo does his weekly updates of all the Big Ten schools. And RU still is in the think of things.

Big Ten East

While Ohio State dropped out of the top spot in the Rivals ranking - all he way to No. 2 - Indiana, along with the aforementioned Nitty Kitties and Terps, raised their standings in the surveys.

And for the first time this summer, Rutgers has taken a hit in overall rankings, both nationally and in the conference. The Knights are still a top 30 class, but it is a long way to NLI Signing Day.

The Next Five

Here are the five schools following Rutgers in the current national standings.

As a point of reference, when we first did this in May, the list of schools behind Rutgers looked like this: