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30 Reasons for 30 Days - Day 15: Because of the Marching Band and its Music

Nebraska v Rutgers Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

From now through September 3rd, I am posting a daily reason why it is great to be a fan of Rutgers football. There are a lot more than thirty, but I picked my thirty reasons, and hope you like them. If not, be sure to let me know.

One of the best things about college football are the traditions. Many of those traditions are about music and songs. There is the tolling of the bells and “guitar windmill” for 3rd down (even in video games involving Rutgers),

there is the music that is played for every 1st down,

and of course the music whenever Rutgers scores, when the band plays, and the fans chant to The Bells Must Ring.

There is always time outside the stadium each game where the band plays outside for the crowd too.

One mustn’t forget the halftime shows put on by the band. They do a great job, and over the years it has gotten much better, too. Just like the teams, the band needed to step up in order to compete in the Big Ten, and they have done a good job!

As the announcer states, just last season, the Rutgers University Marching Band celebrated its 100th year of existence.

The band also has a camaraderie with other B1G schools. In 2014, when Indiana visited Piscataway for the first time, the two competing schools’ drum lines even held a competition at the Block R Party just outside the stadium. It was great to see two great schools’ healthy competition/cooperation.

And finally, before the Opening Kickoff, following the Star Spangled Banner, the stadium is asked to sing the Alma Mater, being joined of course by the band. At the end of the game, a tradition (that I hope continues) is for the team to gather in the end zone and sing it. My favorite was when in October 2014 the team was joined by over 5,000 of their closest friends.

So, the musical traditions at Rutgers football games are today’s reason why it is great to be a fan of Rutgers football!