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Rutgers’ Revamped Focus on Nutrition

Rutgers is focusing on players’ nutrition and recovery now more than ever

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In both professional and collegiate sports, especially football, there has been a large trend of ‘Sports Science.’ Thanks to Chip Kelly, the concept of Sports Science has made its way into the NFL and now into most of collegiate football and its overall athletics.

Rutgers, with pretty much an entirely new staff, has made it a large focus of training camp to make sure their players are getting rest and water and Gatorade and proper nutrition in their meals.

The Twitter account, @RUfueledup, has been on a Twitter rampage since the beginning of practices started by showing the public the necessary steps one should take for a successful camp and a healthy body throughout the rigorous grind.

You also have the Director of Performance Nutrition, Allison Kreimeier, doing her part in promoting the importance of nutrition on her page, @AllisonkMSRD, as well.

Even Coach Chris Ash is promoting health tips

It is clear that the coaches, the staff, the players, and the University as a whole are strongly promoting this new nutrition program that has the athletes eating a lot of fruits and drinking a lot of fresh smoothies to help their bodies recuperate after a long day’s work on the field.

Smoothies, fruit, Gatorade, and water have been in extraordinarily large supply this summer at Rutgers camp and look for that to be a continuous and developing trend within the program and Athletics as a whole.

It seems to be working pretty well already as only five players were held out of the scrimmage this weekend due to injuries and two others, Robert Martin and Darius Hamilton were held out only as precautions.

Camp is still in the early stages for sure, but the precautions and process that the program is taking toward leading better and more hydrated lives seems to be in full force. Time will tell how effective this new program will be as, again, it is a long, hot, rigorous summer for these athletes.