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Who will be voted as the 2016 captains for Rutgers football?

NCAA Football: Norfolk State at Rutgers Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

In Chris Ash’s Media Day presser, he touched on the captain vote and how it will probably take place this week. This means the team will select four of their own to be the captains this year. Darius Hamilton is a 100% lock, as he has already been a captain in both 2014 and 2015. Aside from him, there are three open spots and it is time to speculate who could fill those spots.

Starting Quarterback

This spot will belong to either Chris Laviano or Zach Allen. However, the starter won’t be decided on until after the captain vote, so maybe Ash is hinting a QB won’t be a captain. On the contrary, Chris Laviano was voted to the team leadership council by his teammates so they clearly believe in him as a leader.

Chris Muller

Muller has been a staple in the otherwise shaky offensive line. He has consistently been a top performer and is the best offensive lineman on this team. He is a fifth-year senior and has stuck with the program through highs and lows. He is a high character guy and very much a well-liked member of the team.

Julian Pinnix-Odrick

JPO has made an incredible impression on the coaching staff thus far and is a top-level defensive lineman in the B1G. Like Muller, he is a fifth-year senior and has also been academic all-conference each of the past three years. He was hyped up last year, but was not in his true position of defensive end and struggled as a defensive tackle. He has moved back outside this year and is looking to make a huge impact in his final season.

Andre Patton

Patton is another player who impressed the coaches early on. He is clearly the number one receiver on the roster and will have a lot of responsibility on his shoulders. He has already had his black stripe removed and will be very important to the starting quarterback. This will be his senior year so he also checks off the experience box.

Vance Matthews

Matthews is an outside-the-box candidate but has also had unprecedented success with the new coaching staff. He is a 5th-year walk-on who has only 4 career catches. However, he has already been deemed game-ready via black stripe removal and right now is the best true wide receiver not named Andre Patton.

Janarion Grant

It is hard to believe that Grant is already a senior and that will be a tough pill for Rutgers fans to swallow. However, he is the best player on offense and will play multiple positions on offense in addition to returning kicks and punts. He is the most exciting player on the team and is a true game-changer. He is the type of player that gives the team energy when no one else can which is why he should be considered as a captain.

Anthony Cioffi

Cioffi is a true loyal son who has switched positions three times in his four years at Rutgers and has exceeded at all. He will be the leader of a young secondary and will be crucial to the success of the defense, as he is the most experienced player besides Darius Hamilton. He is a high-character individual who is beloved by all the fans. He is one of the most important players on the whole team and is expected to be a leader this fall.