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Knight Caps: Where has the time gone?

We are days away from soccer kicking off and into the second week of football preseason camp. So much to cover and so little time.


It’s the third week in August. August! People, wasn’t it just NLI Signing Day like....not that long ago? Where has the time gone and what has been going on? We’re here to fill you in on things Rutgersian.

R Fund and what hath it wrought

The new Hale Center Football Weight Room is complete. While technically not a part of the R B1G Build campaign, it is a part of the overhaul of the Hale Center.

Now, if anyone else has a spare $1.25 mil, let me know.

Knights in the NFL and sharing the swag

Lately, there’s been a big push to show where you’ve taken your “R”. And it has been to a lot of places.

And thanks to a gift package from Coach Ash to the now-unretired Anthony Davis, the R is being rocked on the west coast.

Jim Hoffman was right....scarlet goes with everything!

Speaking of things scarlet

Last spring, RU announced new uniforms would be coming for all teams. Football was the one team everyone wanted to change (Death to the salmon uniforms!) but women’s soccer was going to be one of the first teams to get the new Nike gear. And it showed up in the equipment room just the other day.

The 2016 version of the Knights open their home slate this weekend against the Friars.

Women’s Soccer picked 2nd in B1G

After getting a No. 10 preseason ranking by the National Soccer Coaches Association, the Rutgers Women have been picked to finish second in the Big Ten this year behind last year’s conference champion Penn State.

Three Scarlet Knights – forwards Colby Ciarrocca and Madison Tiernan, and defender Erin Smith – were named to the Big Ten Women’s Soccer Preseason Honors List.

Remember Club Ice....yeah, that was then

And this is now.

It was just 53 weeks ago, we were all going ga-ga over this cool (no pun intended) idea that our head football coach had: Club Ice. Remember?

Well, if you want ice now on the football team it’s likely because you need it. And I’m cool with that, too. Maybe more so.

If football season is around the corner.....

That means wrestling can’t be far behind. I’m really not wishing my life away, but there is so much excitement building for the first Battle at the Birthplace.

Rutgers hasn’t announced how many tickets have been sold for the outdoor wrestling match at High Point Solutions Stadium, but the Tweet seems to imply that the numbers are very good and if you want to buy tix for the Princeton match, you’ll need to be a season ticket holder.

In the event of inclement weather - and that would mean rain, not cold - the match will be moved to the RAC with the first 8,000 tickets sold getting in.

Looking for another poster for your Rutgers room?

‘Nuff said.

BTN Bus Tour

Once again, the BTN Studio crew - Dave Revsine, Gerry DiNardo, and Howard Griffith - are making the rounds of the Big Ten’s preseason camps. And last week they made their way to Rutgers where they had their sit-downs with a slew of coaches and players, including one of our notable alums.

Gerry DiNardo, the former Indiana Head Coach, is someone I like on the air. I don’t feel that he blows smoke or tries to inflate the merits of a team. He’s pretty frank about assessing teams. Which is why I liked what he had to say about Rutgers.

How that translates to wins and losses is anybody’s guess, but it’s a good start.

Basketball gets a seat on the bus

Sorry, Dave, couldn’t resist.

But, our Dave White noted something that we both feel is significant in its own way.

The specific comment was:

....everyone's got to realize this whole athletic department's gone through massive changes. You've got a new football coach, new athletic director, new basketball coach, and everybody wants the same thing. We want a high performing organization from top down, and the whole athletic department as well as in the football program. Those things don't happen overnight just because a new leader shows up and I've got a new title next to my name.

“A high performing organization from top down, and the whole athletic department as well as in the football program.”

The point? It isn’t just football that is getting upgraded. It isn’t just basketball. The expectation....yes, I’m at it again....must be that everyone gets better, that everyone gets “upgraded”. No team left behind.

Sugar Rush, just to kick it up a notch

And just in case you weren’t aware.....


....we’re a Coke school now.