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National Coverage Of Rutgers Football From Big Ten Media Days

NCAA Football: Big Ten Media Day David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

College football kicks off five weeks from tomorrow and the Big Ten Media Days took place on Monday and Tuesday this week. Rutgers football head coach Chris Ash added some buzz to the proceedings, based on his background within the conference and this being his first season on the banks. Here are some links regarding coverage of Rutgers around the country.

Michigan perspective on Ash

The Detroit Free Press covered Ash and his positive comments regarding Michigan and their head coach Jim Harbaugh from this week. They refer to Ash as a former critic of Harbaugh in the headline.

Recapping Media Day had some good coverage of all the highlights around the conference from the past two days.

The Daily Iowan on Ash

Ash is an Iowa native so it makes sense he was covered a bit more closely than other regions within the conference. This piece also covers Penn State head coach James Franklin and his complaining about other schools negatively recruiting against his program.

ESPN on Darius Hamilton’s One Direction Love

ESPN ran this fun piece on Darius Hamilton regarding his love for the boy band One Direction and his hope they get back together.

Washington Post on Rutgers Maryland Trophy Game

Our own Griffin Whitmer covered possibilities for a trophy game in the future. It was later revealed that athletic director Pat Hobbs has started discussions with Maryland. The Washington Post gives coverage on the idea here. Griffin’s take on this potential partnership is forthcoming.

Wisconsin take on Ash

This is a great profile of Ash, who previously worked at Wisconsin. It also covers former Wisconsin assistant Bill Busch and former star player Aaron Henry working for Ash now at Rutgers.

Delany to Retire

CBS sports covers Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany’s announcement regarding his retirement plans for 2020.

East Roundup

Here are some quick hits regarding every Big Ten East division team.

Off Tackle Empire at Luncheon

One of the writers of SB Nation’s Big Ten site Off Tackle Empire bought a ticket to the annual media day luncheon and got some fun pictures with various Big Ten coaches and mascots.

The Passing of Sam Foltz and Mike Sadler

News broke on Sunday of the tragic news regarding punter Sam Foltz of Nebraska and former punter Mike Sadler of Michigan State. This article covers the impact these player’s deaths had during Big Ten Media Days.

Ash Takes from OSU

Did you know Chris Ash once coached at Ohio State? This local Ohio publication covers the many things Ash has implemented at Rutgers that he picked up from his time with the Buckeyes.

OTB Coverage

In case you missed anything on our end, here is what we covered from Big Ten Media Days:

Rutgers Seniors Discuss Culture Change

Watch Chris Ash Address the Media

Chris Ash Wants a Trophy Game

Ash Discusses QB Battle

Also, Rutgers announced this week that there will be a fan appreciation day during training camp. It will be a great opportunity for fans to see the team in action and interact with the players and coaches. There are no details as of yet.