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Chris Ash wants a trophy game, but which team would be best?

NCAA Football: Big Ten Media Day David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

During B1G Media Day, Chris Ash had plenty of time to speak on various matters. One thing he spoke about was a trophy game for Rutgers.

Ash said he would support the idea and wants to put a plan into motion. So now we must look at which teams the Scarlet Knights could play and what the prize would be.

Penn State “The Cult Cup”

It is no surprise that Penn State is a cult and this extends way beyond football. From the masses of Penn State alumni taking over New Jersey suburbs to anyone associated with Penn State doing favors for fellow Nittany Lions, the cult culture is undeniable. This also includes the football team coming into New Jersey and kidnapping unsuspecting players and throwing them into the cult. Maybe calling it the “Cult Cup” is giving Penn State too much credit, but it is a catchy name and a cup is a very popular rivalry game trophy.

Maryland “The Newbie Trophy”

Since joining in 2014, Rutgers and Maryland have been competing to see who the better addition to the B1G is. In all sports, Maryland is in the lead. In football, however, they are very even. In 2014 Maryland had an all-time choke job against Rutgers, only for Rutgers to do the EXACT SAME THING in 2015. The winner of this game gets a nice trophy and can say they are the better addition for the conference.

Michigan “The Garden State Fence”

Michigan thinks so little of Rutgers that they would never have a trophy game with us. However, this could be the coolest rivalry trophy ever. I’m thinking of a tiny chain link fence cut in the shape of New Jersey. Early on in Chris Ash’s tenure, Rutgers started the #FenceTheGarden movement:

In response, Jim Harbaugh’s puppet, Chris Partridge, responded with the #JumpingFences initiative, one that hasn’t worked so far in 2017.

Don’t worry, more content on this “rivalry” is on the way.

Ohio State “The Chris Ash/Greg Schiano Trophy”

Rutgers has no business being in a trophy game with Ohio State, but given Chris Ash’s relationship with Urban Meyer, you can’t rule this out. We stole their prized defensive coordinator and they responded by hiring most likely the greatest coach in Rutgers history. Is there bad blood between the programs? No, but this is a cool concept that has some meaning.