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Knight Caps: A break from politics and the heat

It's Week 1 of convention craziness. We're still a few weeks from the start of fall sports practices, so let's look around at what's been going on in Central New Jersey. And, for the record, this post is about 93% not plagiarized.


The Kenny Parker Effect

Much has been made about how important Chris Ash felt bringing Kenny Parker on board as the Strength & Conditioning coach was critical to his and Rutgers' success.  And we've seen all sorts of videos and stories about it, including one from our own Griffin Whitmer.  But perhaps this tweet from RB Robert Martin says it all in regard to Parker's impact.

Yeah, Robert, you did.  Payback time.

New unis comin' in

The new logo, the cleaner look, RED unifiorms.  It's that time of year.

Facilities: build we must for a greater Rutgers

The Fred Hill Baseball/Softball Training Center is going up across the street from the RAC on Hospital Road (yes, that's the street's name).  Baseball coach Joe Litterio is excited about the progress and we update it even further.

Since that tweet, construction has proceeded and the frame is now getting covered.  By the way, you're viewing an "unauthorized" photo since I was told by an anonymous worker that I wasn't allowed to take photos of the site.  Not even if I stood in the middle of the street.

Now, what was that Jim Croce song?

For those too young to know who Croce was, the song is "You don't mess around with Jim" (1972, about 30 years before most of you were born!).  Anyway, the chorus goes,

You don't tug on superman's cape
You don't spit into the wind
You don't pull the mask off that old lone ranger
And you don't mess around with Jim

My suggestion is you don't do that with 6'6",  319-pound linemen, either.  Ash & Co. have been pushing better nutrition, and enjoying it.  So the nutrition folks posted this tweet:

No problem here.  I like spinach; I put it in my protein shakes...just like Chris.  But some people apparently view that as, uhh, less than manly.

Really, dude?  Well, Muller was not amused.

To which macho boy on the barstool wrote:

Muller, at this point realizing there was little gained from verbally dueling with a gnat, let it go.  Big and smart.  That's how we like'em.

Speaking of who has the clout....

No doubt who is in charge at the Hale Center....or at home.

Spreading the love, R Style

Part of "building the brand" is showing up at various other events around the state.  Like the Somerset Patriots baseball games.

Gotta get Sparky to a Rutgers game now.

And this....just because....

Four months away....Battle at the Birthplace

Rutgers is finally "getting it" in terms of promotion.  Those of us who have been around for a while understand that; we just didn't market at all, let alone well.  Not any more.  Got your tickets?  Good, take a minute and watch thed promo video.

The more you know....

Costs are going up, and tuition at Rutgers is a long way from the $400 per year I paid.  ( was $400 when I started.  I complained to Colonel Rutgers directly about the cost!)  But the fact of the matter is, Rutgers is still a great deal and your long term gains from "investing" in a Rutgers education is proven with facts.

Speaking of investing....

I'm a class agent.  That means I try to lead my classmates in donating to Alma Mater.  And I'm carrying that role over to here.  So, let's open the checkbooks....or take out the credit card.

I have always given back.  I received an Alumni Scholarship when I got here.  I believed I should give back, since someone before me helped me.  So, first off, if you're an alum, give to Rutgers.  Your department, your school, a program or institute.  There are lots of places to help.

If you're a sports fan - and you know where this is going - we have the R B1G Build.  I'll even give you the link.  Easy-Peasy.

R B1G Build link

Rutgers Foundation link

My work here is through.