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Tight End Charles Scarff to transfer, per report

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Per Ryan Dunleavy of, his article here states tight end Charles Scarff will transfer from Rutgers.

Scarff was part of a three-man rotation at tight end, along with Nick Arcidiacono and Matt Flanagan. Last season, Scarff led all tight ends with 14 catches and also racked up 100 yards on the nose and a touchdown.

With that being said, the new offense does not really cater to the use of three tight ends, and Scarff seemed to be stuck behind Arcidiacono and Flanagan this spring.

This move will now open up space for RS-Fr Nakia Griffin-Stewart to move up on the depth chart.

Scarff joins fellow tight end Anthony Folkerts, safety Davon Jacobs, and defensive end Marques Ford as the players to transfer since the hiring of Chris Ash.