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Paramus Catholic president calls police over car magnets and a teddy bear

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

In preparation for Rutgers' and Michigan's battling satellite camps, a group known as The Order of Bulls Blood pulled a prank at Paramus Catholic, the site of Michigan camp.

This longstanding group, unofficially associated with Rutgers, went to the Paramus Catholic field and left a teddy bear at midfield along with some scattered "block R" car magnets. They also wrote "This is R Country" in chalk on school grounds.

The group also sent an email with pictures and a letter to media outlets including On The Banks, which can be found here.

This childish prank is being treated as vandalism and Paramus Catholic president James Vail called the police. Yes, he called the police over a teddy bear and chalk. While The Order of Bulls Blood should not have done this, there is clearly an over reaction on the PC side of things.

There was no permanent damage caused and the chalk probably washed away in this afternoon's rainstorms. There was no money in damages caused and no intent to permanently deface or damage Paramus Catholic property. This was a childish act by overzealous Rutgers fans trying to send a message about having New Jersey pride.

Was it right? No.

Should Rutgers fans hold themselves to higher standards? Yes.

Above all, this is a little too much intensity for a high school football camp.

Finally, I think we can all now understand why the NCAA wanted to ban satellite camps all along.