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Directors' Cup Standings: It isn't getting any better for Rutgers

Baseball and Track & Field are still competing, but the Directors' Cup issued its latest standings with everything except those sports. Not a pretty picture.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

How many points in the Directors' Cup did Rutgers pick up in the spring?  This is multiple choice.

A) 25     B) 35     C) 45     D) Were you paying attention this spring?

With results in for men's and women's lacrosse, tennis, rowing, and women's golf, Rutgers scored zero points.

Ze.  Ro.

And while there could still be some scoring in track & field, baseball and softball are out so.....

After the winter, Rutgers sat at 69 among D1 schools.  We're now at 80.  After the fall sports, Rutgers was 44.  We've been dropping....ever since Pat Hobbs was hired.  Not that I think....  Nah!

Not making it into the NCAA Men's Lacrosse Tournament hurt.  A single win there could have scored points.  Albany finished ninth, for example, and picked up 25 points.  Damn those Blue Jays!

Stanford is the top team in the country, followed by Ohio State.  There are a total of five Big Ten schools among the Top 25, including OSU:  Michigan (3), Penn State (12), Minnesota (15), and Wisconsin (23). Among the Power 5 Conferences, the Top 25 looks like this:  PAC 12: 6 schools   ACC: 6   Big 12: 3   SEC: 3

Gannett's Ryan Dunleavy did a story highlighting (maybe that's lowlighting) the achievements this year, just within the Big Ten.

It was not a glowing report.  And the usual suspects were all to be found with poor showings in volleyball, field hockey, men's basketball, and so-so results in baseball, softball, swimming and gymnastics.  The Directors' Cup, which looks at national results (rankings, NCAA finishes) looks just as bad, and maybe worse depending on your perspective.

After the spring, Rutgers found itself behind Oregon State, Akron, Brown, and Cornell.  The Knights were just ahead of UC Santa Barbara, K-State, Dartmouth, and Columbia.

And last among Big Ten schools.