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Knight Caps: So much going on, so much to talk about

It has been a whirlwind few days around here, and we're trying to catch our breath. Good stuff coming from the Hale Center. But there is a lot more going on....we add to your knowledge.

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Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Somebody check Twitter.  Has anybody committed recently?  No?  Really?

Whew.  Okay, we can talk about something else.

Brey moved up

Back in early June, left-handed starter Howie Brey was drafted by the Houston Astros in the 31st round of the 2016 Major League Baseball Draft. He was the No. 937 pick overall. And apparently things are going well.

An auspicious start for the Middletown native.

Olympic Trials see scarlet

Women's track standout Gabrielle Farquharson will vie for a spot on the U.S. Olympic Team when she competes on Friday in the long jump at U.S. Olympic Trials at Hayward Field in Eugene, Oregon.  She isn't the only one looiking for a chance in Rio.

Rising junior Christopher Mirabelli senior Jermaine Griffith and recent graduate Corey Crawford will all represent Rutgers men's track and field and participate in trial events.  Griffith will represent Guyana, and will compete in the 400m at the NAAA NGC/Sagicor National Open Championships.  He finished 8th in the finals at the Hasely Crawford Stadium in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago.

Crawford will compete at the U.S. Olympic Team Trials July 1-10 in the qualifying round of the long jump on Saturday, July 2.  If Crawford advances out of the qualifying stage he will compete on Sunday, July 3 at 7:15 p.m. EST in the event final. Live results of the event can be found here.

Mirabelli will be participating in the javelin throw. The qualifying round of the event takes place Saturday, July 2.  If Mirabelli advances out of the qualifying stage, he will compete in the javelin final on Monday, July 4

But wait, there's more

While both swimmers received invitations to the trials, neither made it to the semifinals.

Changing the environment and the culture

When Chris Ash came on board, a lot was made about him wanting to change the "culture" at Rutgers.  That attitude has carried over into hoops....and probably a lot of other areas in the athletic department. And being in the spotlight of the high profile sports gets you into a lot of cool places.

Working at Rutgers has its privileges

The "sixth borough" of New York City is not in the Nutmeg State.  If anything, it is Middlesex County.  Deal with it!

And in the mean time, RU's football coaches are having a great RU's "other home field".

Working with our new besties, the Yankees.

And, Coach Henry, glad we could get ya off the Plains and into the big city.  Get used to the bright lights!

Bringing them back

No need to say much here.

Hey, wasn't Rice on that 2006 team?

An in-house hire for wrestling

While there is no press release on this, AP sent out a tweet indicating that he'll be on the sidelines with the Knights.  The two-time All American finished his Rutgers career with an 85-46 record, 41-19 in dual matches.

College Ave won't be the same

And that's probably a good thing.  Construction continues, and even Chris Ash is using the new buildings as a recruiting tool.

Not a bad selling point.

Hey, "Bus Drivers", I know no one wants to look but....

We talked about it with the Directors Cup.  And any number of people said, I don't care.  as long as football and basketball are successful, the heck with the rest of the sports.  well, first, you're wrong.  Second, people do look and notice whether you're good or crappy.  As did Keith Sargeant.

Because you just can't get enough of Big E

Nothing else needed.

Marketing....and having some fun

You all know the "This is Sportscenter" series of promos that ESPN has.  Goofy scenarios at the office, several of which have featured the Scarlet Knight.

Rutgers has taken the cue and done their own versions, "This is Rutgers".  They ain't too bad.

Now, this is how you introduce new supplier and merchandise

When Rutgers introduced its new uniforms, it did so at the R Awards banquet.  Now, admittedly we weren't introducing a new line and a new supplier but it sort of lacked pizazz.

Wisconsin, on the other hand, is bringing UnderArmour on July 1.  This is how you promote and market yourself.  Let's look and learn.  Night of the Red Threads? Very cool.

Speaking of uniform suppliers.....

Rutgers' Nike contract is up next June and we had a few discussions about what was coming and who would be the "official" supplier.  Personally, it looks like the Swoosh will be around for a while.  This is a photo of the new display in the lobby of the Hale Center; you don't go to this much trouble and expense if you're going to find a new supplier.

Football coaches still flyin' high

Some things shouldn't change.  Like this.

You hope you have the right guy, so nice things are good to hear

Pat Hobbs said his interview with Chris Ash was the best one he ever had.  He seems to be doing things the right way.  And his former players are saying the same thing.

Hockey.....just because

Eleven from the Big Ten.


It used to be fun laughing at UConn....and Syracuse....and.....well, actually it still is fun.  But we're in the Big Ten, so we need to laugh at peers more than at those we left behind.  So, without further ado....

And just for good measure....