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Kevin Hart & The Rock Tweet Support Of Rutgers Football

Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Since summer workouts began at the beginning of June, Rutgers football players and coaches have participated in a lot of team building activities. Each position group has bonded in competitive activities outside of football and they have also done community service as well. Last night, assistant defensive backs coach Aaron Henry took the defensive back's out to the opening of the movie Central Intelligence.

What happened next was a big thrill for Henry and the rest of the players, as the stars of the movie they were seeing responded on twitter.

The Rock, aka Dwayne Johnson, played defensive line for the University of Miami in the early 90's, winning a national championship while playing as a freshman. You can read about his career with the Hurricanes here. You have to love his response regarding the defense. Of course, he became a famous wrestler and is a legitimate movie star now. Responding to Henry's movie night tweet backs up his reputation as being a good guy.

And then Johnson's co-star and comedy superstar Kevin Hart responded as well. Pretty cool stuff. And it certainly made the night of the Rutgers players who went to the movie with Henry.It's not that common for big time stars to respond on twitter, but Johnson and Hart showed it takes just a few seconds to make people feel special, as they did with the Rutgers players.

Former Miami player and current Rutgers defensive back Kiy Hester gave Henry props on twitter after the responses of the stars of the movie Central Intelligence.

I'm sure coach Henry enjoyed the excitement that his tweet generated with his players.  All in all, they had a great night and took another step to building a tight knit unit on the Rutgers football team.