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Why Rutgers connection to Bill Belichick & Patriots came up during NBA Draft

Jim Rogash/Getty Images

Last night, the NBA Draft was held and it has been ten years since Rutgers had a player selected in the first round. With no one under consideration for last night's draft, why was there chatter on twitter regarding a Rutgers player taken? Because of the Patriots-Rutgers connection, that's why! The Boston Celtics had eight picks last night, and some people made jokes about them selecting football players from Rutgers.

People love to make fun of Bill Belichick's affinity for Rutgers, but we know that connection has worked out well for him over the years, which included a Super Bowl win with a secondary filled with Scarlet Knights. With five former Rutgers players on the current roster in New England, the bond remains strong. Plus, Belichick hired his son Steve as the safeties coach, who played lacrosse at Rutgers and walked on the football team as a long snapper.  Belichick has credited Greg Schiano in the past for helping his son learn the coaching side of football, which helped him progress with the Patriots. He will now coach former Rutgers standouts Devin McCourty and Duron Harmon. Steve represented his loyalty to Rutgers at his press conference back in April when he was announced as a full-time coach of the Patriots.

Bill is also seen from time to time sporting Rutgers gear, as he did at a recent Celtics game back in April.

If you want to have a good laugh, check out twitter and search "Belichick Rutgers" and you will see over 20 mentions of people making comments about him wearing Rutgers gear at that game.

So while the rest of the world kids about the connection with Belichick and the Patriots, it only benefits Rutgers and the football program in the long run.  As the old saying goes, people mock what they don't understand. We understand why arguably the best football coach in the business loves Rutgers and that is a great thing!

By the way, Rutgers athletic director Pat Hobbs and men's basketball coach Steve Pikiell attended the NBA Draft last night. There was potentially going to be a meeting with Rutgers alumnus and former NBA commissioner David Stern. No word on if it did, but you have to love Pikiell's tweet. Soon enough, let's hope.