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Report: Big Ten on verge of another multi-billion dollar TV deal -- UPDATED

Fox and ESPN get to share the wealth....or dole it out.

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Complain all you want about Rutgers not getting a "full share" right now.  Cause when it does, holy sh.........

Greenstein is reporting that the deal is for both Fox and ESPN to share the rights, but that Fox, which is kicking in more, will have the football championship game as well as first pick during the regular season. reported Monday morning that the sides have agreed to a $190 million-per-year deal that will supplement the $240-million-per deal that the league already had secured from Fox Sports. CBS Sports also is in for $10 million a year for basketball games.

All told, the deal is worth $2.64 billion - yes, with a B - for the conference and will run from 2017 through the 2023 season.  CBS also has a piece of the basketball action for $10 million per year.

UPDATE and new thoughts on the deal: In some people's minds, this is more significant than just the numbers.  With the Big Ten and the SEC as dominant as they are now in TV rights, have those two created their own level of play?

On the Banks will continue to follow details as they are released.