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Charting Rutgers Recruiting: Where we stand today - our second look

We're on month two of our monthly review of recruiting rankings and it was a good few weeks for Chris Ash.


Last month we looked at where RU was vis-à-vis the Big Ten and nationally.  Have there been any changes since May 24?  Our Scott Logan had previously noted that Rutgers had already moved up in national rankings, well ahead of what it was doing the last two recruiting cycles.  And that was last month.  Wait til you see where things are now.

So how does No. 23 nationally sound?

Chris Ash and his staff have been busy guys over the last month.  The addition of three key commits (DB Edwin Lopez, OG Owen Bowles, OLB C.J. Onyechi) over the last month boosted the Knights' standing in two of the three services on a national level and in all three in the Big Ten rankings.  The three new players, added to the ten previous commits,  created a huge jump in the Rivals and Scout rankings.

Gerry DiNardo

BTN's DiNardo does his regular tweets about where each Big Ten squad sits in the recruiting wars.  His most recent reports came out this morning.

Despite the gaudy rankings, Rutgers actually hurts the East's position with its star rating.  More on that below.

The Beast is still the East

And while the East is still the dominant division within the Big Ten, Rutgers made some strides in the last few weeks.  From sixth in the division last month, RU now sits at number four, jumping over both Penn State and Michigan State.

6/19/16 Scout 247 Rivals Average
Ohio State 1 1 2 1.3
Michigan 4 4 5 4.3
Maryland 19 23 14 18.3
RUTGERS 25 25 23 24.3
Penn State 26 36 30 30.7
Michigan State 24 38 35 32.3
Indiana 75 78 71 74.7


Rutgers didn't just show progress within the division.  The Knights are looking much better against the entire conference - middle of the pack ain't too bad - and nationally.

One additional commitment back in June didn't move the needle much for Rutgers within the Big Ten. The three added in the last few weeks did, both in conference and on the national stage.  The different showings are caused by the different methodologies used by each of the services. If you're really interested in looking at the process, they're here:

One of the advantages Rutgers has right now is quantity.  With 13 commits, it has as many as No. 1 Ohio State, but several more than either Penn State or Iowa, for example, that are ranked behind the Knights. Rutgers has a lower "average star rating" than any other schools except Indiana and Purdue.

We'll continue to chart Rutgers' progress monthly through December, then weekly up through National Letter of Intent signing on February 1, 2017.

P5 Programs Behind Rutgers

As we did last month,  these are the next five schools in each service's rankings immediately behind the Knights.

6/19/16 Scout 247 Sports Rivals
Rutgers 25 25 23

Penn State Va Tech Wisconsin

W.Michigan W. Michigan Kentucky

Iowa USC Texas Tech

Florida Iowa Iowa

Iowa State Ole Miss Auburn

We'll be back in mid-August to see where we stand then.