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WATCH: Scott Talks QBs with Mark Rogers TV

How is the quarterback battle looking as we head into the summer?

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

If there's one thing this site could use more of, it's my beautiful face. So here ya go. I live to give.

Yesterday, I spoke with Mark Rogers (@MarkRogersTV) about Rutgers' most significant camp battle: quarterback.

We talk about the impact of TCU transfer Zach Allen, if Chris Laviano can bounce back after a rough 2015 campaign, how Hayden Rettig fits in the battle, and the future of incoming freshman Tylin Oden.

Check out our video below. And be sure to visit Mark's YouTube page for tons of great college football content.

We'll be doing more positional breakdowns in the coming weeks, so please give us some feedback and ideas to discuss in future installments down in the comments below!