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Former Scarlet Knight Placed on Injured Reserve

Tim Wright Tears ACL

Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

Tim Wright, one of the most popular players for the Scarlet Knights who played only two seasons before moving on to the NFL has been placed on injured reserve by the Detroit Lions after suffering an injury to his knee.

First reported by NBC Sports last week, Tim received the waiver with injury designation by the Lions, after being shuffled between the Patriots and Buccaneers and finally traded to the Lions last August.

Earlier this year, Wright had resigned with the Lions after they decided not to offer him a restricted free-agent contract.  The tight end scored 13 touchdowns over his first three seasons in the NFL.

NBC Sports reported the change in designation yesterday, when the Lions announced his placement in IR after he cleared waivers.  There is no word regarding the injury itself, and whether surgery is required or scheduled.

The Wall High School and Rutgers graduate has served as a reliable tight end target while in the NFL.    Due to his redshirt freshman year and torn ACL in his second year on the Rutgers squad, Wright did not get on the field until the 2011 season.

As both a player at Rutgers and since joining the NFL, Wright has shown himself to be a wonderful role model, forming The Wright Way Academy with his wife, Jodi-Ann.  As stated on the Academy’s website, the mission of the Academy is "to foster underprivileged children by bridging the gap between athletics, academics, and the quality of life. This eclectic guidance will give them the tools and opportunities necessary to make positive choices, enhance their nutrition, reject violence and excel athletically and academically producing successful adults who will serve as examples to the children who come after them."