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Chris Ash fires back at Jim Harbaugh at Michigan with a camp of his own

By now, we are all aware of Jim Harbaugh's satellite camp being held at Paramus Catholic on June 8th. We wrote about it here and you guys voted to build the f*cking wall and make Michigan pay for it. Well, Michigan may have to pay for it in terms of lost potential recruits.

Today, Chris Ash announced that Rutgers will be holding their own camp the very same day at Farleigh Dickinson University only about 30 miles from Paramus Catholic. The kicker? Not only is Matt Rhule scheduled to attend, but Urban f*cking Meyer is coming. I know it isn't ideal for me to be bragging about opposing head coaches but we do have arguably the best coach in the country on our side. More importantly, Meyer and Ohio State own Michigan and can help get some of the bigger names in the state to come to the Rutgers camp instead of Michigan's.

The event is formally being known as the "Rutgers Football Tri-State Showcase" but Chris Ash calls it "The best camp on the East Coast". This is clearly a shot at Harbaugh and his inferior camp.

In my brief 18 years on Earth I have never seen such a savage move by anyone associated with Rutgers University Athletics.

This is an incredibly important move by the coaching staff as it shows that they are not afraid of the big names in the conference that think they can walk all over their home state. Chris Ash isn't taking any crap from anyone and is showing he can recruit and compete with anyone in the country.

Harbaugh thought he was pulling a power move by setting up shop in New Jersey and inviting Chris Ash and the Rutgers staff to watch him work. They respectfully declined due to a "scheduling conflict" and said conflict is now evident.

It also needs to be noted that Temple was listed as a team that would be attending Harbaugh's satellite camp. However, they opted to be at FDU with Rutgers and Ohio State that day. This will be a huge day for Temple as they were re-built on overlooked New Jersey talent such as PJ Walker and Jahad Thomas.

Rutgers will not be looking for hidden gems, though. Their sights are set on the top remaining uncommitted players in the state such as Fred Hansard, Markquese Bell, and Carter Warren. Drew Singleton and Cory Bolds will presumably be attending the camp at their own high school.

Props to Coach Ash for getting this done and not taking sh*t from anyone!