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Rutgers Wrestling-Football Doubleheader is on!

With the finalization of BTN's primetime football schedule, the previously announced wrestling matchup on the gridiron is a fait accompli.

Roy DeBoer - used with permission

I think we're finally getting the hang of this marketing stuff.

A week ago we wrote that the idea of a wrestling-football doubleheader was in the works.  Al that had to be confirmed was BTN putting the Rutgers-Penn State football game on primetime.

Thank you, now let's get this thing rolling.

When I saw #BattleattheBirthplace I thought, that is so very cool.  And Rutgers is now looking to shatter its attendance record for a one event.

"I'm really excited that the ‘Battle at the Birthplace' will take place. We will always try to push the envelope and create an atmosphere that is special. This event provides not only Rutgers fans but the great fans of New Jersey an opportunity to see two programs with some talented wrestlers compete," said head coach Scott Goodale. "For this to work, we will need the support of the whole state, the coaches on all levels, and the Rutgers and Princeton alumni to really jump on board.  Both Chris Ayres and I see this is as a great opportunity to show off our programs on a national stage and that has the both of us excited."

Rutgers brought in 17,464 to the RAC and the College Avenue Gym this past season, with a high of 3,360 for the Michigan State match.  With a sellout crowd anticipated for the football game that night, the hope is that both die-hard wrestling fans as well as casual fans and curious football observers will pack High Point Solutions Stadium for the 11:00 am match.

It isn't a new idea, as last season Iowa set an attendance record for wrestling at Kinnick Stadium with almost 43,000 fans.  The Knights have become an attendance leader on a national level, finishing the 2014-15 season with the sixth best wrestling attendance.

The individual ticket price for the event is $10 for adults and $8 for children. Group tickets will be available for $6 apiece for parties of 20 or more. Tickets for the "Battle at the Birthplace" will go on sale at a later date; however, with a $50 deposit for 2016-17 wrestling season tickets, fans will secure a seat in the first few rows for the first outdoor dual meet in Rutgers wrestling history.

Rutgers is a wrestling school...when it isn't a lacrosse school....or a soccer school.

This really is cool!