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Michigan Satellites in R Airspace? Shoot them Down Commander Ash!

Michigan is hosting a satellite camp at Paramus Catholic. Should Rutgers coaching staff show up?

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Michigan football is hosting a satellite camp on the campus of Paramus Catholic on June 8. Satellite camps are off-campus events associated with, and generally hosted by, a college. So Michigan is running this event, and using Paramus Catholic's field and facilities.

Satellite camps are controversial, and recently, they were banned by the NCAA (on April 8)-- and then unbanned again a few weeks later (on April 28).

Michigan and Head Coach Jim Harbaugh are at the forefront of the pro-satellite camp movement, and were more or less entirely the reason the camps were ever banned, because Harbaugh set up "spring break" practices last year at talent-stacked IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida. Washington State coach Mike Leach is also prominently pro-satellite camps, because he wants to pull as many kids from Texas as he can.  Harbaugh's moves, of course, drew outrage from bigwigs in the SEC and ACC.  Our southern friends HATE when Yankee carpetbaggers leave the northern plains and set up shop in their backyards to try to poach talented athletes from Dixie.

Why is On the Banks Talking About This?

All of that is background, and brings us back to Paramus Catholic. The Paladins already have strong ties to the Wolverines.  You may recall former Paramus Catholic All-World athlete Jabrill Peppers now resides in Ann Arbor. So does former PC Coach Chris Partridge. And class of 2016 planet-eater DT Rashan Gary. More generally, the Wolverines cleaned up in NJ last year, plucking some of the top players from one of the best recruiting classes NJ has ever had. Harbaugh is also giving the key note speech at Paramus Catholic's graduation ceremony. The dude is totally trying too hard.

In other words, Harbaugh and company don't exactly need any extra advantages over the hometown Scarlet Knights.

And Coach Ash now has a decision to make. Michigan is clearly top dog at this satellite camp, but they're not the ONLY dog.  Members of the coaching staffs of BC, Temple, Syracuse, Maryland, Pitt, Villanova and Monmouth will be in attendance at the Paramus Catholic/Michigan camp. And Rutgers has an invite too.

So does Ash participate in Harbaugh's travelling circus? Should the Scarlet Knights send coaches to be a part of this recruiting bonanza in their own backyard?

On one hand, Paramus Catholic has (again) a loaded class next year, including two of the top-ten players in the state: LB Drew Singleton, who is widely considered the best prospect in NJ, and DT Corey Bolds, who is a stud pass rusher in his own right. Undoubtedly, the talented players at the camp will not be limited to current PC Paladins.

On the other hand, SCREW. MICHIGAN. And screw this camp. This is our state, and Chris Ash is doing a phenomenal job so far in #fenc[ing]thegarden. From here on out, we play second fiddle to no program in New Jersey. I think Ash's move here is to say "thanks, but no thanks," and go hold another camp, in SOUTH Jersey that day. If possible, do something to compete with this event.

Rutgers showing up at Harbaugh's camp -- in Rutgers' backyard -- is a beta move, and we have an alpha coach now.

I say no way, no how, should Rutgers coaches be at this camp. What do YOU say?

UPDATE: Steve Politi is reporting that Ash turned down the offer due to "scheduling conflicts"