Jim Scwartz Talks Quentin Gause

What are your thoughts on Quentin Gause?

"You know, when the draft is over, there are a lot of guys that you had a lot of feeling for. Your scouts had a lot of feeling for that you think are going to fit into the scheme. And it's a matter of trying to sell that to them and how it can best match their skills. He was a guy, I remember one of the scouts coming to me a couple weeks before the draft and asking me to look at him. Knowing we weren't going to have a whole lot of draft picks and we were going to have to hit on some of those free agents. I saw a stat, you guys would probably have to look it up more than I know, but it had something to do with like Pro Bowl players and it was like the number of first rounders of first Pro Bowl players, number of second rounders, number of third rounders. Well, after first, second, third rounders, by far the greatest concentration of Pro Bowl players have come from undrafted free agents. We just talked about Rodney McLeod coming in the same way. Those guys all have an opportunity. He's played inside and outside, he's strong. Like a lot of rookies his head is swimming right now. They're working really hard to try to get ahead of the curve so that when camp comes, they can show their very best. He's on the right track, but he's got a long way to go."