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Two Rutgers players to transfer from program

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

It was inevitable that players would begin to transfer as fall practice begins and the depth chart becomes more clear. Although practice hasn't officially begun, safety Davon Jacobs and offensive lineman Ryan Brodie have both elected to transfer from the program.

The news of Jacobs was first reported by He started four games last year at safety opposite Anthony Cioffi until he suffered a concussion and Kiy Hester took over for the rest of the season as Jacobs struggled to get back to 100%. He is a fifth-year senior with one year of eligibiliy left but will still need to graduate before being able to transfer and use his one year of eligibility immediately.

Jacobs fell way down on the depth chart this Spring as he hasn't even been listed on the two deep. Anthony Cioffi will start a SS now and Andre Hunt has been his back up. At FS, Saquan Hampton and Kiy Hester are battling it out for the starting job. Jacobs pretty much had no shot of playing extended time this year and is looking for somewhere where he can make a bigger impact. It is unknown where he will spend his final season.

Ryan Brodie is a former 3-star recruit from the famous class of 2012 but never really broke through on the offensive line. He never started and was rarely in the mix as a backup or rotational player. He does have a clear plan and will spend his senior season at Monmouth University right next to his hometown of Long Branch. He graduated this Spring with a degree in criminal justice.

These two are the first but most likely not the last of players to transfer out of the program in the coming week or two.

Stay tuned as we keep you updated on all the developments as fall practice nears.