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Pot, Meet Kettle!

Michigan's Aaron Bills accuses Rutgers of doing exactly what UM did this past Easter.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

NBC Sports’ Kevin McGuire posted a disturbing article on their college football blog yesterday.  It shows a picture of Coach Khaki Pants back last October with a social media posting for a player's birthday, and next to it an almost identical picture of our own Chris Ash preparing to do a duplicate of the idea for Rutgers’ social media.

It is disturbing on a couple of levels.  First, of course, we like to pride ourselves on being originals, first college football team, yada, yada, and not interested in copying other programs.  On a more disturbing level, it shows us copying an idea from our dear friend Captain Crazy himself, Jim Harbaugh.

The image above is a posting from Aaron Bills Twitter account, who works for UM in their social media end of things.  You take a look yourself at this and tell me…are we copying ideas from the nuttiest guy in sports, who is based in the most pretentious and self-congratulatory program in college football.

Even our parent site, SB Nation has gotten into the act.  Alex Kirchner (@alex_kirshner) posted an article earlier today with that accusation front and center, showing the graphic above, and of course reveling in the look of the two programs' continuing fight, starting with the satellite camp, and now, in Kirchner's words, "The Rutgers football program is a copycat, according to a recruiting staffer at Michigan."


As an old radio guy used to say, " a moment, the rest of the story."  Our friends in the Rutgers Riot Squad, who are the voice of the student section for Rutgers Athletics, fired back.  On Twitter, @RURiotSquad followed up by showing that Michigan's Mr. Bills is not only hypocritical, but thin-skinned as well!  They showed a picture from 2014 of Ohio State using a graphic of an Easter Egg that looked like an OSU helmet wishing their fans a Happy Easter.  This past Easter, Michigan's social media (who employs our friend Aaron Bills) posted an identical picture, with the "egg" wearing the colors of a UM helmet.  There's the pot calling the kettle black, that's for sure!

But the best part is this: After The Rutgers Riot Squad called out Aaron Bills, he blocked them from his Twitter account!  Wah, can't take the heat, eh?  Then stop throwing trash at others, my friend.  Someone who works in SOCIAL MEDIA should be someone who not only understands that, but be able to deal with it.