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Rutgers Wrestling releases B1G schedule for '16-'17

We know we're wrestling in the stadium against Princeton on Nov. 19. What about the rest of the schedule?

Roy DeBoer - used with permission

The rest of the schedule?  Not yet....except for the Big Ten lineup.

There won't be a match up versus Penn State at home.  That is on the road.  Same with Michigan and Ohio State.

In truth, the home schedule isn't as sexy as the 2015-16 schedule, but overall it is still a tough and very challenging slate.

You still have the the defending National Champions in PSU, along with third place Ohio State.  With both of them on the road, the Knights have that additional challenge. Throw in Michigan in Ann Arbor, and you have a real fight on your hands.

At the RAC, the challenge is a tad easier, though it is still the Big Ten.  Illinois and Purdue come to the RAC; both teams are top squads.  The Knights topped Purdue on the road this past season, 24-15, locking the Knights into fifth place in the conference.  Rutgers' only contest against the Illini was in its first Big Ten season, a 24-9 loss.

Both Illinois and Michigan finished tied for ninth place at the NCAAs.  In fact, four of the Knights' conference opponents finished ahead of them at MSG last March.  In the Big Ten tournament, RU finished ahead of everyone on their schedule except Penn State and Ohio State.

With the release of the Big Ten schedule, Rutgers has now announced ten matches for 2016-17.  No date has been announced for the release of the rest of the schedule.  Based on recent history, Scott Goodale will be looking for top tier opponents to ready the team for its conference run.  It is also likely that the season will open with the Rutgers Duals, a quad set up with local teams, both D1 and below.

And while Rutgers has been a part of all four Grapple at the Garden duals, it isn't a guarantee that they will be there again in 2016 - assuming the GITG is held.  But with the success of the NCAAs at the Garden, as well as the proximity of Rutgers to New York City (got that Cuse?  UConn?), it would certainly be logical and financially beneficial to have the Knights at such a meet.

2016-17 Big Ten Schedule



Dec. 11

at Maryland

Jan. 6


Jan. 8

at Ohio State

Jan. 13/15

at Penn State

Jan. 22


Jan. 27

at Michigan

Jan. 29

at Michigan State

Feb. 5


Feb. 12


Home matches denoted by BOLD CAPS