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Fundraising Not Over Yet In R B1G Build

So, Pat Hobbs is off to a great start.

It’s the kind of start that gets this crotchety old basketball fan’s heart pumping again, with dreams of Selection Sunday tension and airplane engine level noise at the RAC dancing in his head.  Hobbs, in just fifteen weeks, has raised over half the money he needs to build the practice facility Bob and I have droned on about for the better part of two years.  Plus, if they reach the 100 million, some jazzy stuff for football and lacrosse will happen too.

It is a great time to be a Rutgers fan.

But the end game isn’t here yet.  There’s no time to rest on our laurels.  Because, as great as things have been going, Hobbs isn’t done.  And, considering he’s brought in the three biggest athletic donations in Rutgers history, you have to start wondering where he goes next.

Thus far, 923 people have donated to the cause.  I have.  Lots of other people have.  But coming from a school with better than 470,000 living alumni across 50 states, there’s money out there.  I mean, hell, we get thousands of visitors to this site a day.

Hence, it’s time to step up.

If you haven’t donated yet and you love Rutgers athletics, its’ time to throw them a buck or two.  Open up your wallet and give up the Starbucks for a day or two and put it in the pocket of Pat Hobbs.

People love to complain about Rutgers’ endowment, and how no one donates.  But, just like we continue to prove schools like UConn and Syracuse and Michigan wrong when they say no one cares about Rutgers, it’s time to prove ourselves wrong.

When I first started donating to Rutgers, I promised myself I’d only donate to the academic side of things.  I remember the crumbling classrooms I sat in fifteen years ago, and thought that was the best way to help.  But now, I see the crumbling basketball infrastructure and realize that my words on this site aren’t enough.

Therefore, I do my best to donate to both the academic and the athletic side.

People care about this department.  Just like they care about science,  English and math.  This is the big push, guys.  If you’ve ever wanted to see Rutgers succeed, now is the time to help out.

Open up your wallet, throw them a couple of bucks, and watch that little thermometer on the RU Big Ten Build site grow from 923 to the goal of 10,000.

And then watch that 54 million grow to 100 million.

Let’s prove everyone wrong again.

Show them Rutgers is going places in the Big Ten.

Let those dreams of banners in the rafters that dance in our heads because of reality both on the court and the field.

Our cheering in the stands helps motivates the players.

But our dollars will help more in the long run.

To donate, click here.