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And in a Truly Harbaugh Move...

The Man Again Defines Crazy

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Have you ever looked at a news story and think, "Oh no, this CAN’T be real!"  Well, I had one of those moments this morning.  I arrived at work, opened up my twitter and I see a tweet from a guy by the name of Nathan Chapman, who run an organization that trains Australian punters, kickers, and athletes to play on "the grand stages of American football" (their own words, not mine).

So far, I’m sure you’re saying, "So?" and wondering why I even mentioned it.  Well, they are going to have a clinic on June 3rd, and who is their feature?  Why Michigan football coaches, of course!  The craziest coach in football is holding a camp in AUSTRALIA!

Now I know we do get some players from there, particularly punters, but to travel half-way around the world to hold a ONE-DAY clinic is way up there on the "are you f’ing kidding me?" scale.  Just goes along with the narrative that Harbaugh is out of his cotton-picking mind.

Please note that the tweet is clear that ALL positions will be coached by Michigan coaches that day, so I don’t think that we are talking about one or two of the staff attending this.  I think this is a staff-wide thing.  Maybe they are thinking of it as a vacation?  Please note:  I don't know for sure if Cap'n Crazy himself is attending, but certainly his minions are traveling Down Under for a one-day camp.

Well, I think that Coach Ash should cede Australia to the Wolverines.  We don’t need to challenge them there, they are welcome to mine the land of wallabys and koalas for all the players they want.  I am confident in saying I do not expect a counter-attack from the Hale Center to hold another camp on the same day in Melbourne.

That’s it.  I am officially blown away.  That any organization would think this has value goes WAY beyond astounding to me.  I thought that Penn State playing in Ireland was a stretch.  This is insane, but then again, we are talking about Jim Harbaugh, so I guess I shouldn’t even be surprised.  Whew!