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Rutgers Football: Sunday Afternoon Links, Video's and Unrivaled Lunacy

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday was the fifth practice of the spring for Rutgers football.  After one hour of regular practice, head coach Chris Ash held his first scrimmage of his tenure.  It was closed to the media and public, but some information has come out regarding the 90 minute scrimmage. Here are some links, video's and tweets detailing what went on.

Saturday's practice

Dan Duggan gives some detail in his article here. He breaks down which players were limited due to injury, quarterback reps and that the offense was considered to have won the scrimmage.

Todderick Hunt spoke to several recruits that were in attendance and their impressions on practice and the scrimmage are here.

Offensive line coach A.J. Blazek Discusses Progress

One major change for the offense regarding the new spread style system being installed is the no huddle, fast paced tempo.  Coach Blazek spoke with RVision after practice about the adjustments his unit has had to make, including several players losing 30+ pounds. As much talk as there is about the quarterback battle, the play of the offensive line will be paramount in the success of the offense next season.  Ash mentioned the offensive line as a position group that has stood out so far this spring, which is a great sign. Ryan Dunleavy has some detail here from players Tariq Cole, Derrick Nelson, and Dorian Miller. This three minute interview with Blazek gives deeper insight on the offensive line.

Stripes removed

I wrote previously how Ash incorporated several traditions from Ohio State into spring practice, with the most notable requiring every player to wear a black stripe on their helmets.  Each player must work up to a certain level that the coaching staff determines they are then battle ready and thus have their stripe removed.  Ash called the process "being knighted". Yesterday after practice, the first three Rutgers player achieved this status.

Football Team participated in the Dance Marathon

This weekend Rutgers held it's annual dance marathon and raised almost a million dollars "For The Kids" cause. Detailed videos done by the Daily Targum are here.  Good to see the effort by all Rutgers students!

Penn State Football: No Talent Required

And one last fun bit of news, Penn State football coach had an interesting interaction with the media this past week.

This article here goes into more detail, as Franklin apparently blocked multiple beat writers as well, which seems like a move made without reason and sanity. How anyone associated with Penn State thought a marketing campaign centered around "no talent required" was a good idea is equally amazing. Franklin is right, Penn State is truly "unrivaled", at least with this thought process. It just further highlights what a great job Ash and his assistants have done marketing Rutgers football on social media since taking over the program.

Rutgers football resumes spring practice on Tuesday, their six of fifteen, culminating in the spring game on April 23rd at 7:30 pm at High Point Solutions Stadium.  That scrimmage is open to the public and will be shown live on the Big Ten Network.