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OTB Exclusive: AD Pat Hobbs Responds To Football Ticket Marketing Email

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

On Wednesday, I wrote about an email that I received regarding purchasing season tickets from the Rutgers athletic department. I have confirmation that it was received at a minimum, by at least several other people as well. The full details of the email and my thoughts on it can be read here. The communication within the email was uncharacteristic of the athletic department since Pat Hobbs was hired as athletic director in November. I ended by saying, "Please fix this, Mr. Hobbs." Today I was sent an official statement from Hobbs in response to my article.

"A recent communication to a few season ticket holders does not represent the ethos we are building around Rutgers Athletics. It is being addressed." - Director of Athletics Patrick Hobbs.

This is even more proof that we have the right leadership in place, as Hobbs listened and responded swiftly and appropriately.  The original ticket email was so unbelievable that several people contacted me on social media, saying it could not be real and that it must be the work of a hacker.  Sadly, it was true. Happily, we have an athletic director who now listens to concerns and works to correct issues that occur. Gone are the days of denials and cover ups. Transparency is alive and well now from the leadership of the Rutgers athletic department.

Anyone that cares about Rutgers University and the athletic department has surely been frustrated and disappointed in the past few years during the tenures of previous athletic directors. Since the first day Hobbs has taken over, he has ushered much needed and welcomed change.  His attention to this matter is just another example of him making positive change a priority and holding people accountable. Mistakes happen and it's likely the scope of change that Hobbs is undergoing within the athletic department is larger than we could even imagine from the outside looking in.

Earlier this month, I wrote this article in praise of Hobbs and the new direction that he is leading the athletic department in.

However, it's obvious in Hobbs short tenure that the lack of support is a thing of the past, and that a cohesive plan to align the entire athletic department is now in place. More telling, was that he was able to sell talented coaches with proven success that the "same old Rutgers" was no more.

This is truly an exciting time to be a fan of Rutgers sports. There were already good people in place and good things happening within the athletic department previously. Based on early results, we now have the right leader to elevate the good that is currently in place, and to make the necessary improvements within the entire department that are needed.

Hobbs backed those words up with his response today.  It will take time for Hobbs to wrap his arms around the entire operation and to elevate all areas of the department to a level he deems appropriate.  Acknowledging mistakes and taking appropriate actions to correct them is a necessary step in doing that. Sadly, in the past this was not a common practice by his predecessors. He has made big changes in just a few months, namely reshaping the direction of the football and men's basketball programs with new coaching hires. It seems only a matter of time before the entire athletic department is moving towards a unified and positive direction. It is truly an exciting time to be a supporter of Rutgers Atlhletics and the main reason is something I have said since the change was made in December. Simply, In Hobbs We Trust!