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2016 NFL Draft Profile: Rutgers Wide Receiver Leonte Carroo

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

Leonte Carroo- Of course I mention him first, as he is "The Prospect" as far as everyone at Rutgers is concerned.  However, he is not the automatic first rounder that everyone projects him on these boards.  Realistically, he is projected to go in the second or third round today.  Why?  Here are some areas to remember:

Basics: 6'0" height; 211 lbs; 4.50 seconds 40 Time; 35.5 inches Vertical

Strengths: We all know these reasons.  Just under 30 TD catches in three seasons, reliable hands, able to fight the defender for the ball, demonstrated ability as a run blocker, close to 25% of his catches went for more than 25 yards.  A team captain, obviously respected by his teammates, and fought injuries to play, despite pain.

Drawbacks: Carroo has more trouble in man coverage, not as strong in breaking routes as in straight routes.  Many feel his outsized numbers are a much a function of the offensive scheme Rutgers played than in his strength.  Does not have overwhelming speed, and can be shut down by an elite corner.  The dual suspensions this season (breaking curfew and domestic squabble) hurt him in the character area, which almost seems unfair, as he has been a great leader for the school.

Overview: If a pro team that understands how Rutgers operated their system and followed his entire career (are you listening, Mr. Belichick?) and is willing to help him gain crispness in running routes, they will get someone who will eventually be a starting WR in the NFL.  He also will demonstrate the class for which he was known for most of his career at Rutgers.

Projection: 2nd to 3rd round