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Rutgers Scarlet-White Game preview

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight is the annual Scarlet-White game and it will be the first time Chris Ash's Scarlet Knights play in a real game environment.

The Rosters


  • Chris Laviano is listed with the starters while Hayden Rettig is with the backups and Giovanni Rescigno is with the third-team
  • Both Kiy Hester and Saquan Hampton are "starters"
  • Robert Martin is the starting HB
  • The starting offensive line is Tariq Cole, Dorian Miller, Derrick Nelson, Marcus Applefield, and Zack Heeman
  • Applefield and Heeman are holding spots for Chris Muller and JJ Denman who are both injured
  • Trevor Morris (WILL), Deonte Roberts (MIKE), and Najee Clayton (SAM) are the first-team linebackers
  • Kevin Wilkins is listed with the starters even though Sebastian Joseph has a "death grip" on the starting job
  • Nick Arcidiacono is ahead of Matt Flanagan
  • Janarion Grant and Andre Patton are the only first-team WRs on the Scarlet team

What to watch

Quarterback play

Too obvious. No explaining needed.

Defensive Line

The defensive line should be absolutely dominant. The whole unit has been knighted and the offensive like is down two starters on the right side. If Zack Heeman is JJ Denman's backup, JPO and Quanzell Lambert should feast when lined up across him. However, Derrick Nelson and Dorian Miller are no joke at C and LG and should matchup well wiith Darius Hamilton and Sebastian Joseph.

Read Option

This will be the biggest difference in the offense from last year to this year. Nearly every play will involve the QB putting the ball in the HB's gut and deciding whether to pull it or leave it and then running or throwing it. There are so many decisions that need to be made in such a short amount of time that being intelligent definetely factor into the QB competition.

Who to watch

Chris Parker

Parker is like a small Janarion Grant, as he is only 5-5 but incredibly explosive. He has made plenty of noise this Spring and will continue to fight for playing time. It will be interesting to see how the staff uses him and if he returns punts for the White squad

Janarion Grant

Grant will once again look to have an expanded role, although this time the coaches are well-versed in using players like Grant. He will be all over the field at multiple positions but it will be worth it to follow around #1.  Besides Chris Laviano, he is the most important player on the offense and might be the most overall talented player on that side of the ball.

Saquan Hampton/Kiy Hester

Hampton has made huge strides at FS and is on the verge of snagging the starting job. However, Kiy Hester is also listed on the Scarlet roster which means the two will have to battle it out against the same competition. This also means Hester can still win the job, as long as he has a strong game.

Game Specifics

Saturday, April 23 at 7 p.m | Rutgers Stadium | B1G Network/BTN2Go

  • Bill Busch will coach the Scarlet Team
  • Vince Okruch will coach the White Team
  • Admission and parking are free