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Chris Laviano takes all the snaps in Rutgers' second scrimmage | Practice Report

Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Although Chris Ash said that the quarterback competition was even on Thursday, it sure seemed like Chris Laviano was the starting QB during the scrimmage today. He took all of the reps with the first-team while Hayden Rettig and Giovanni Rescigno split reps with the second-team.

Student Appreciation Day

Despite that, the big story of the day was Student Appreciation Day. Over 250 students came to the bubble to enjoy the 11th of 15 Spring practices. However, they got a little more than they bargained for as Chris Ash made sure they got involved. In addition to having them kick field goals and try to distract David Bonagura kicking field goals, he threw one girl into the ring of honor against Darius Hamilton, arguably the scariest player on the team.

RIP to the running back rotation

One the countless repetitive blunders of Kyle Flood was his inexplicable loyalty to a running backs rotation. That meant taking out Paul James for the next few series following a 70-yard run because it was John Hicks' turn to carry the ball. Running backs coach Zak Kuhr, who spoke to the media following practice, had this to say regarding a rotation:

"I'm a big fan of whoever has the hot hand is going to keep rolling,'' Kuhr said. "I don't really believe in, 'Alright, you have the first series, you have the second series, you have the third series'"


All jokes aside, this is yet another positive change that the coaching staff has installed. It is also kind of sad that simple concepts were not previously implemented at Rutgers.

More on the quarterbacks

As I said earlier, it really looks like Chris Laviano is the true starter at QB. Despite what Ash said the other day, it is clear that he is being treated like the starter and the coaching staff is spending more time working with him. Also keep in mind whenever the coaches speak about the QB's, it is "Chris did this" or "Chris didn't do that" and not "Hayden did well" or "Gio had some struggles today." Laviano is dictating what will happen at that position and it is his job to lose.

That being said, Laviano clearly earned it this time. There was no bias from the coaching staff. He simply came to camp more prepared and has been doing more to win the job. At this point in time, he hasn't done enough to win the job outright and hasn't completely earned the trust of the coaching staff.

Other notes

  • Christopher Parker, a 5-5 walk-on receiver is getting plenty of attention from the coaches
  • Saquan Hampton started over Kiy Hester today
  • The defense "won" the scrimmage
  • The defensive line was dominant
  • David Bonagura went 6-6 on field goals
  • Chris Ash said that LS Alan Lucy was probably the only player David Bonagura could beat in the ring of honor