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On The Banks Is Looking To Add Contributors

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

I have exciting news, On The Banks is looking to add more contributors.  The reason is simple, as we want to continue working towards our goal of providing the best coverage of Rutgers sports that we possibly can. To do that and continue growing, we need more writers.  There is no better way to spread the word or to find new contributors than through our own readership.  We are looking for passionate, creative, self-motivated individuals to join our team.

Ideally I am looking for three contributors to fill the following roles:

The first role is to cover the "Rutgers in the Pros" beat.  The majority of this is the NFL, as you know we have a good amount of alumni playing on Sundays.  This is a position that I would really like to grow. During the fall, this contributor would write a weekly column detailing the performances of the Knights in the NFL. In addition, any newsworthy posts regarding individual players during the season and offseason such as player profiles, trades/signings, etc. Aside from the NFL, Todd Frazier is doing well in the MLB and Patrick Kivlehan is in AAA. There are also some Rutgers alumni managing and coaching in baseball, so occasional MLB coverage would be welcomed. Also, covering the great Carli Lloyd has become a full-time job. In addition, anywhere a former Rutgers player of any sport is involved, I'd like coverage on it (WNBA, Pro Soccer, etc). This role has a huge opportunity for growth and needs someone who has vision and a willingness to stay on top of all pro news related to Rutgers alums.

The second role is for someone to cover Rutgers women's sports.  We cover most of them now, but not as regular and in depth as we could.  Having a contributor to cover women's sports extensively would be ideal. Women's soccer and women's basketball are two teams in particular that we would like more coverage on.

The third role ideally would be to cover advanced statistics.  This would be heavy on football during the season, but can also apply to multiple sports.  It would not require the writer to do formulas or calculations on their own, there are many resources that do this for you.  We need someone well versed in statistics that can write posts that explain/cover any noteworthy statistics relating to Rutgers teams/Big Ten. Football would be the focus but advanced statistics apply to other sports like basketball and baseball.

If you are interested, please email me at a description of your background related to sports, writing, and of course, Rutgers. Also indicate which role you are applying for. Prior writing experience is not required, but I would ask that you write 1-2 sample stories and send to me along with your background.  Also, I ask that candidates are flexible in both taking assignments and meeting deadlines. Strong proofreading and editing skills are a must. Ideally, I would like to take on writers that can contribute on average 2 posts per week.

If you have ever reached out to me in the past, please reapply and reference our previous interaction.  If you are not interested in being a contributor, but have specific ideas on how our site can improve in terms of coverage, please email me as well.  We are always looking for new ideas and new ways to cover Rutgers. Our team is made up of individuals who have a deep passion for Rutgers and we are looking for more. Thank you all for being loyal readers of OTB and our team looks forward to continuing to bring you great coverage of Rutgers sports.