Rutgers Coach Eddie Jordan Defends Job


In the postgame press conference, Eddie Jordan spoke about how happy he was for his players, especially the seniors, in winning their first conference game of the season. He continued, saying "I thought we've done a great service to our program for what we've done being shorthanded the way we were." Twice he was asked about the losing streak and speculation about his job. Eddie said "the W's & L"s don't measure what we've done." Eddie directly answered one question stating" no, I'm not defensive, I'm just talking reality". Later, Jordan commented about how the senior class is all graduating and a strong core returns for next season. He added, "I'm proud about what we've done in terms of getting this program back on it's feet." It's worth watching the presser as speculation will only increase once the season ends. Rutgers is the 14th seed and plays Wednesday night at 7pm in the opening round of the Big Ten Tournament.