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Rutgers Wrestling: It's Day 2 of the NCAA Championships - OPEN THREAD

We're going to add information as it becomes available. But you're invited to join in.


Day 2 at the Garden for the 2016 NCAA Wrestling Championships.  The first session today begins at 11:00 a.m. (Quarterfinals and Wrestle-Back Second and Third Rounds) with the final session kicking off at 8:00 p.m. (Semifinals  and Wrestle-back Fourth Round followed by Wrestle-Back fifth rounds)

How to watch & follow

ESPN will broadcast every match on every mat again this year on ESPN3/WatchESPN, in addition to linear coverage of all six sessions. Friday night and Saturday night are on ESPN, while all other sessions are on ESPNU.

Here's how Rutgers goes into Sessions 3 and 4

It was a tough first day - and especially second session - for Rutgers.  "Honestly, it was a tough day for us. It was a humbling day," said head coach Scott Goodale. "It was a humbling experience. We got pinned more than we've probably gotten pinned all year long. So it's humbling, but you've got to stay on the positives right now. We've got some guys coming back, coming through. It's a long haul to get to Saturday and that's what we need to do."

Five wrestlers remain for the Knights, with only 141-pounder Anthony Ashnault still in the championship bracket.  Rutgers only scoring in the second session, aside from advancement points, was from Ashnault. Ironically, Ashnault is the only Scarlet wrestler facing a seeded opponent in the first round of Session 3.

The Knights find themselves in 15th place with 10 points, one-half point behind Lehigh.  Penn State is in first, 3.5 points ahead of last year's co-champion Ohio State.  In all, there are six Big Ten teams ahead of Rutgers in the team scoring.

141 No. 4 Anthony Ashnault, 29-3 vs. Jamel Hudson (HOFS) WON Tech Fall 20-8

  • Prequarterfinal vs. Gross (SDSU)  WON Major Decision 15-2
  • Quarterfinals vs. No. 12 Chris Mecate (ODU) WON 5-4
  • Semifinals vs No. 1 Dean Heil (OKST)  Lost 8-3
  • Wrestlebacks vs.

157 No. 9 Richie Lewis, 26-5 vs. Andrew Atkinson (UVA) 24-9  WON 7-3

  • Prequarterfinal vs.No. 8 Brascetta (VT)  LOST 7-6
  • Wrestlebacks vs. Cottrell (WVU) Lost 4-0 Eliminated from competition

165 No. 7 Anthony Perrotti, 21-3 vs. Forrest Przybysz (APP) 21-11  WON  Fall 1:18

  • Prequarterfinal vs. No. 10 Wilson (NEB)  LOST 4-1
  • Wrestlebacks vs. Thomas (ORST)  Won 15-6
  • Wrestlebacks vs. Glass (OU)  Won 5-2
  • Wrestlebacks vs. Brennan  (RID)  Won 5-4
  • Wrestlebacks vs. McFadden (VT)

184 No. 15 Nicholas Gravina, 21-9 vs. Jordamn Ellingwood (CMU) 28-12  LOST 9-3

  • Wrestleback vs. Lampe (CHATT)  WON 6-2
  • Wrestlebacks vs. Sleigh (BUCK) Lost 6-1 Eliminated from competition
    285 No. 12 Billy Smith, 27-8 vs. Ross Larson (OU) 19-11  LOST 8-4
  • Wrestleback vs. Solomon (PITT)  WON 3-0
  • Wrestleback vs. Gillen (UVA  WON 9-4
  • Wrestlebacks vs. Cornwell (G-W)  Won 7-2
  • Wrestlebacks vs. Shaw (CSU)  Won by fall 1:39
  • Wrestlebacjs vs. Wessel (LEH)  Lost 3-2 Eliminated from competition

Wrestling continues on Saturday beginning at 11:00 a.m. with the Wrestle-Back Semifinals on all three mats followed by third, fifth and seventh place medal round matches.