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Spend a day in the life of Corey Sanders

While he was in high school and a national basketball star, Corey Sanders was also the star of a very popular YouTube series called "#Decisions". This series is filmed and directed by Ryan Currie, founder of Home Team Hoops, the channel where you can find the complete series.

This series helped Sanders develop a national fanbase that goes beyond his followers from his home state of Florida and Rutgers fans. To their disappointment, the series was put on hold when he left Lakeland, FL to come up to Rutgers. However, Currie traveled up to Jersey for their game against Minnesota and filmed a special episode.

It starts of with Sanders in the RAC after practice, the recaps his long day. Sanders spends plenty of time at the RAC, whether it be for practice, shooting around, or watching film. He spent some time shooting around with friends and Nigel Johnson. Sanders said they can be the best backcourt in the nation next year when Johnson is eligible. While walking around the RAC, Sanders took note of the Rutgers Hall of Famers on the wall and said that it was his goal to get up on that board. He also talked about all of the records he wants to break and how he came here to be the leader of a big-time turnaround.

The night ends with them at the bowling alley before they took off and Sanders prepared to head back to Florida for spring break.

Check out the video to virtually spend a day hanging out with the face of Rutgers Basketball!