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Rutgers Wrestling: Scarlet carpet send off to NCAAs

Later this morning we'll have a run down of Rutgers' first round match ups and an overview of MSG's first time hosting the tournament. For right now, enjoy how the Scarlet Wrestling team left campus for the tourney.


It's too bad Rutgers is on Spring Break.  There weren't that many people on campus to be there when the RU Wrestling team headed off for New York and the 2016 NCAA Wrestling Championships.  But there were fellow athletes, a few band members, athletic department staff, and yours truly.

The red carpet was laid out in front of the College Avenue Gym as the ten qualifiers - let's say it again - ten qualifiers boarded the bus for the 45 minute ride up the Turnpike.

It was the same type of send off given the Women's Soccer team as they left for the Women's College Cup last fall.  And it's a well deserved tribute.

The wrestlers truly seemed to appreciate the crowd.  There were parents there, too, and they seemed more excited than the wrestlers.  The entire wrestling family seemed really happy.

Everybody wants to hang with a winner

Chris Ash ain't no fool.  Winners like winners.

And Pat Hobbs said....

Of course, AD Pat Hobbs was there for the celebration.  There were no speeches on the steps of the Gym, but Hobbs came out ahead of the team.  I'd guess there were a few supportive words of encouragement offered before the team took off.  I had the chance to shake Hobbs' hand as he left.  His parting words: "Time to get back to the search for a basketball coach."

Hail to the Chief

No one had a bigger smile than head coach Scott Goodale.  He's focused, but he also knows that you have to be in the moment.  Enjoy, coach!