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#10Strong Spring Preview | Quarterbacks

We start off our Spring preview with the biggest question mark on the team

Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

This could get interesting...

With a new offense in place, all of the quarterbacks on the Rutgers roster are starting at the same level. Chris Laviano won't have an advantage from knowing the playbook. Hayden Rettig won't be at a disadvantage from running the scout team. There are no more conspiracy theories. Every quarterback was given the playbook at the same time and has had the same amount of time to learn it.

This Spring, the coaches will discover who has put in the most work off the field and outside the weight room. While the starter will probably not be decided during the 15 practices, the Spring will give us a good idea of who has positioned themselves where. Spring practices will most be likely be rudimentary stuff such as familiarizing the team with the base formations and plays, giving the QBs and RBs rhythm in the read option, and making sure everyone is on the same page. While that is simple, it will also be incredibly telling of who will truly be competing for the starting job come Fall practice.

The Players

RS-Jr Troy Anthony

RS-Fr Jack Clements

RS-Fr Michael Dare

RS-Jr Chris Laviano

RS-So Giovanni Rescigno

RS-Jr Hayden Rettig

The Competitors

RS-Jr Chris Laviano

RS-So Giovanni Rescigno

RS-Jr Hayden Rettig

While all six quarterbacks are starting on the same page, I think it is clear that Laviano, Rescigno, and Rettig are the three quarterbacks with the best chance to win the job. Dare is not really fit for this offense and Anthony and Clements aren't serious contenders.

Player with the most to gain

Giovanni Rescigno has been relatively unknown his first two years at Rutgers, but fans' interest level in the Detroit product has skyrocketed after discovering the 6-4 225 RS-So has wheels. Everyone has been talking about how Rescigno is the QB best fit to run the spread offense. While that may be true, he has to prove himself. His biggest weakness is clearly his arm strength, which is crucial with all of the quick throws in this offense. If he can show increased arm strength and can demonstrate that he has put in his time studying the playbook, he will be positioned very well for Fall camp.

Rettig's last chance

Despite the constant clamoring from fans, Hayden Rettig never got the extended playing time many felt he deserved. If things do not go well, this could very well be Rettig's last Spring with the Scarlet Knights. It is 2016 or bust for the former LSU transfer. If he cannot beat out Chris Laviano, who he graduates with, or Giovanni Rescigno who is a year younger, he will be a 2-year backup. It became clear Rettig was unhappy (and deservedly so) with his position on the team last year and I wouldn't be surprised to see him transfer if things don't work out this Spring. That being said, if things go well, Rettig could very well be a two-year starter and the resurgent hero for the Rutgers football team.

Position Prediciton

This isn't necessarily how I see the depth chart for the season opener, but this is how I see the QBs positioned at the conclusion of Spring practice.

1. Chris Laviano

2. Hayden Rettig

3. Giovanni Rescigno

There is just an attitude I see in Chris Laviano that tells me he wants this job the most. He is clearly disappointed in the way 2015 went and wants to prove to everyone that he is better than last year. If you watch the workout promos on YouTube or even the RFootball Snapchat stories, Laviano looks completely locked in and like he wants this job more than anyone else on the roster.

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