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Rutgers Basketball: Dear Pat Hobbs, Get this Right

Now is not the time to think outside the box.

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

Dear Pat Hobbs,

Hey!  You got my letters!  Awesome.

Listen, I know it's been a busy few days, and I know I usually write on Sundays, but I figured today was a good time for us to chat.  Tomorrow, you can have your coffee and catch Meet the Press.

But for right now?  It's time to make the right decision.  Once again, this is a referendum on how the Rutgers Athletic Departent views basketball.

Does Rutgers care, Pat?

I see a lot of scuttlebutt out there--people are trying to overthink this job opening. There's buzz that Jay Williams wants the job.  Say no to this.

Some people are pushing the high school coach, Kevin Boyle, unless everyone else says no to you, you should say no to that too.

Basically, the answer is simple.  Pony up the cash and treat this program right for once. Treat it the way it's deserved to be treated in the last 15 years and start making up for 15 years of funneling money into football.  The end game for football was to get into the Big Ten.  We're there now.  Football has its guy.  Now it's time to fix the other revenue sport.

So, here's what you need to do.  Find the money and hire a rising superstar.  Be ready to pony up in cash for a head coach, cash for assistants and in years.  This program is so buried it needs that kind of commitment.  Let the next guy know that you believe he's the right choice and that he has time to fix this.

Do your homework.  Make sure he has his degree.  Make sure he's not going to get caught on tape being a crazy person.  Make sure he's not just a recruiter but a coach as well.

Make sure that everything the Scarlet Knights have done wrong in the past 25 years--make sure this guy isn't going to do that.

And then tell him you have faith.  Tell him you're going to give him time to build and that he has to show progress.  Tell him facilities are coming.  Pony up for top, yes TOP, assistants.

And make sure you ask him questions too.  How is this guy going to get Rutgers into the NCAA Tournament?  How is he going to be talent to the banks?

My first choice is Danny Hurley.  The timing is perfect.  And landing him is going to show that you're committed to fixing this.  Some people are trying to talk themselves out of Hurley because he hasn't made an NCAA Tournament yet.  You've seen him coach, you know it's only a matter of time.

Don't think outside the box.

Next up:  Mark Schmidt.  He rebuilt the Bonnies after they canceled a season and then hired a terrible coach. He'd essentially be doing the same thing here.

And I'm okay with Steve Masiello.  I think he'd get it right.  But make sure that resume is completely fixed.

And, yeah, that name that popped up that surprised me:  Zach Spiker.  The jump from Army to Rutgers may be tough, but I'm not going to lie--it's intriguing.

Now is not the time to play around.  Forget Jay Wiliams.  Forget high school coaches. Don't even look at Rivals.

Find the right guy.

Get this right.

I'm counting on you, Pat.  I trust you, Pat.  Don't overthink this.  Maybe stay inside the box and just plain spend the cash. Care.

I love our little chats.  Until next week.