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The Morning After: Links & Twitter Reaction To Rutgers Firing Eddie Jordan

Getting you caught up on everything written and tweeted about regarding athletic director Pat Hobbs move yesterday.

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Wednesday night marked the end of the dreaded season for the men's basketball team. What most thought would happen afterwards soon followed, as Rutgers fired Eddie Jordan yesterday. Here is the statement from athletic director Pat Hobbs. We followed the news with another round of potential coaching candidates to replace him. No, Bill Murray is not in consideration for the job, although we would love to see him at the RAC someday.

There was a lot of reaction and articles written about the fallout of Jordan's tenure and subsequent search.  Here are some links, followed by reaction on twitter.


Ryan Dunleavy discusses the 5 things to know about a Pat Hobbs Coaching Search.

Jerry Carino covers the firing of Eddie Jordan. He gives his short list of 7 candidates to consider for the Rutgers men's basketball job.

Dave White wrote last week on why Danny Hurley is the perfect candidate for Rutgers.  Here is an article from Steve Edelson that agrees with that line of thinking.

Adam Zagoria weighs in, confirming that Hurley is target #1 in the coaching search. He also talks about the strong interest from Manhattan coach Steve Masiello in the Rutgers job.

Gary Parrish of CBS Sports puts in his two cents on candidates for the job, including a tidbit that the same search firm being used by Rutgers is the one that uncovered Masiello was not a college graduate at the time.

Steve Politi, who has been in agreement with OTB for some time on change being needed, pens his farewell to the Jordan era.

Former OTB writer Garrett Stepien wrote about the firing of Jordan for the Daily Targum.

Sam Hellman from Scout points out this is result in the fourth coach in seven years for Rutgers men's basketball.

ESPN covers the removal of Eddie Jordan as head coach here.

Tom Dienhart from BTN discusses the Jordan firing and all that needs to be done moving forward.

Our friends at 247 sports point out that Rutgers suffered 10 losses of 30 points or more during his three year tenure.

Twitter Reaction

Part of Eddie's contract that will not be paid out:

Hobbs already using the same approach as he did with the football search:

It has been an action packed start to Pat Hobbs' tenure as athletic director:

We crossed over into the mainstream with Real Housewives fans following OTB:

Adam Zagoria reiterating that Danny Hurley is the #1 target for the job:

Potential money Rutgers would have to spend if Hurley in fact is hired:

But can we actually land Hurley?:

It will likely take a big contract offer:

This made me laugh:

From one loyal son to another:

The great Jerry Carino wishes Eddie well:

And for old time sakes, here is the wackiest promo you will see about Rutgers basketball.  Let's hope Eddie rides off into the sunset on that unicorn and when he visits Rutgers again, gets the warm welcome he deserves!