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#FollowFriday: Where To Find On The Banks on Social Media

Thanks for reading our work on this site. Here is how you can find us on other platforms.

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On behalf of the staff, I wanted to thank all of our readers for visiting us here at On The Banks. We hope that you find our material informative and interesting.  We appreciate you reading, as well as those that actively engage in spirited and intelligent discussion in our comments section.  We are proud of the forum this site has developed over the years! Please know our staff is always looking to improve and grow our site. Ultimately, we could not continue to do this without your support, which we appreciate so much. We will continue working to produce content worthy of your time and to keep you wanting to keep visiting.

While some of you may already follow us on social media, I wanted to make sure everyone who enjoys our site knows where to find us.  In addition to posting all of our article's and fanshot's on our facebook and twitter accounts, we also do some additional work on those platforms as well.  We live tweet Rutgers football and men's basketball games on a regular basis.  We also tweet updates during other Rutgers sporting events, such as both soccer teams, women's basketball, and wrestling.  Spring sports will be included as well. We also share other relevant Rutgers postings and tweets from the athletic department, coaching staffs, beat writers, other platforms and fellow supporters. And if another Big Ten school or college sports related site is posting something relevant, we will probably retweet that too. On facebook, we also share postings and stories from the Rutgers Athletic department.

All of our contributors to the site are active on twitter as well. Links are below for each one of us. Following OTB and our contributors is another way to interact and communicate with us too! So Happy Friday to all, a snowy one at that for our local readers, and thanks again for your support of our site! Oh, and please follow us on facebook and twitter. #followfriday


Aaron, OTB site manager

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On The Banks Twitter Page

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