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Recruiting Class of 2016 Superlatives!

Without further ado, the Class of 2016 Senior (and transfer) Superlatives!

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Now that the 2016 Recruiting Class is official, let's see how the recruits are perceived by their classmates (me).

Most likely to make an immediate impact: Jon Pollock

Pollock is the smartest recruit in the class and one of the most talented. With all 3 starting LBs form 2015 gone, Pollock has a great chance to earn a starting spot and is can easily make an immediate impact on special teams. I could easily give Pollock more than half of these superlatives but I had to be fair.

Most likely to be mistaken for Janarion Grant: Mo Jabbie

Both are listed at 5-11 170 and both are electric returners. Janarion Grant may have been the best returner in the country this year and Jabbie has the ability to match that. Jabbie really improved his speed and agility and could not be contained when returning kickoffs and punts for South Brunswick High School. It looks like our returner situation won't be in question for the next 5 years.

Biggest Bully: Nick Krimin

Krimin is the scariest recruit in the class. at 6-6 320, he has NFL size and spends a whole lot of his free time in the gym. He flat out dominated kids while at St. Joe's (Met.) and can do the same in the B1G. A.J. Blazek is drooling to get Krimin on campus the bring some great physicality to the offensive line. If you don't believe me, let his Instagram name, "krimreaper_" speak for itself. He also lists hunting as one of his hobbies.

Biggest Sleeper: Dacoven Bailey

Bailey only had two offers besides Rutgers, and they were both Division-II. It is crazy that no FCS teams offered him at the very least. To be fair, he lives in the middle of nowhere, but I don't see how so many schools looked past his 6-foot frame and 4.40 40-yard dash. That size speed combo can help him contribute from the start at h-back, a wide-open position.

Biggest upside: Tylin Oden

This one is the easiest for me to predict. The only thing keeping Oden from starting day one is that he is built like a twig. At 6-5 175, he is just too skinny to take hits in the B1G as a true freshman. However, if he puts on 40 pounds, which is very do-able, he will be a freak. 6-5 225 with his running ability is no fun for anyone on defense. He has a great arm and fits Drew Mehringer's offense like a glove. He will something special when he takes the field.

Baby Kemoko Dragon: Elorm Lumor

Lumor has the crazy name to fit the bill, but more importantly has the crazy athleticism. Lumor is freak athlete who has an incredible raw ability to rush the passer. It is still unknown where exactly he will play, but he reminds a lot of people of Kemoko Turay with his pass rushing ability. If Shane Burnham can coach him up the right way, there is no reason to think he isn't tallying double digit sacks every year.

Future First-Round Pick: Mike Lonsdorf

Although he isn't highly rated and was a late pickup, Lonsdorf has tons of potential at LT. At 6-7, he clearly meets the height requirement. Although he is only around 270 pounds, his frame will allow him to add a lot more weight and have his size comparable to that of Keith Lumpkin. He is a great athlete and can be a really good LT in a few years when he gets bigger and coached the right way. LTs are so valuable in the NFL now that he probably has the best shot of anyone in this class.

Most Likely to make an opponent quit football: KJ Gray

I'll save the best for last here. Gray plays offense like Dez Bryant and defense like Brian Dawkins. He can also talk like Steve Smith Sr. Wherever he winds up, it won't be fun for his opposition. I watched him embarrass kids on Bergen Catholic when he was a junior and saw him make St Joe's (Mont.) look like a peewee team while playing with an injured shoulder. He doesn't lose jump balls and can land some pretty nasty hits on defense. Bottom line: he is not someone you want to line up across from.